NEXT BASKET has launched with a SaaS solution for greater efficient online business management, stated a press release issued by the company.

The new e-store building platform brings together high technology and significant expertise for successful online sales, it added.

The platform has been created to offer e-merchants the most affordable and efficient way to develop an online store and develop in the field of e-commerce.

What does NEXT BASKET offer?

NEXT BASKET is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables the migration of an already existing online store or the creation of a completely new one by using innovative software solutions and companies – part of the structure of NEXT BASKET. All this for a fixed monthly fee.

The online store can be ready in 72 business hours.

Along with this, NEXT BASKET partners receive expert services in the field of online commerce, including strategic planning, digital marketing, and technical support.

Some of the services are paid, and some are not, and the number of the free services depends on the chosen cooperation model.

In the released statement, Next Basket stated the following benefits

‘Multiple benefits that you will only get from NEXT BASKET’

• No hidden fees when paying for online orders

• Personal consultant

• Free search engine and chatbot built on artificial intelligence

• Top SEO that gets lots of sales at no cost

• 24/7 software support

What advantages does NEXT BASKET offer?

Choosing the NEXT BASKET business model gives the partner a number of opportunities, it stated.

One of the most important advantages is that you can have a ready and fully functional online store within up to 72 business hours.

The migration of already existing ones is extremely easy and completely free.

Crucially, NEXT BASKET’s software platform meets over 95% of Google requirements for online stores, and this means that the search engine will rank the e-store in the first positions.

Additionally, the built-in technical SEO optimisation allows for multiple sales without additional advertising costs. The fact that the online store loads in less than 1 second and that there are no card payment fees is also important.

Automatic server scaling ensures that the e-store will not stop even during peak periods like Black Friday and the AMATAS certification testifies to the reliability of the platform and its high degree of protection against hacker attacks.

SaaS monthly packages include many free e-commerce services, such as personal consultant for each partner and 24/7 support center.

Along with everything listed so far, the platform enables an unlimited number of products in the online store and creation of multiple accounts for employees with access to the site’s administration panel.

NEXT BASKET also offers many built-in integrations with external providers such as payment systems, ERP, warehouse software and courier services.

This, in turn, will provide partners with more free time, which they may utilize to focus on the most important aspects of their business without technological limitations.

What are the terms of use of the platform?

NEXT BASKET partners will have the opportunity to test the platform with a test period before deciding whether it is suitable for their needs. During this period, they will have access to the design themes and solutions, as well as the functionalities and options for the layout and management of the site to make an informed decision about their online presence.

The platform also launches with a special offer several months free of charge in case of an annual subscription for the SaaS solution. Thus, each new online store will pay a monthly subscription for several months, and will be able to benefit from the service for a whole year.

All this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the partner is not completely satisfied with the proposed solutions and services, which is unprecedented on the market at the moment.

The monthly subscription for the use of the SaaS solution and additional services offers the possibility of 3 price plans depending on the generated turnover and the number of included functionalities.

The company’s detailed terms and conditions for using the e-commerce business model are available on the NEXT BASKET website.


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