As February 8 elections are around the corner, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday unveiled its election manifesto, promising constitutional and social reforms.

PTI leader Gohar Khan, addressing a press conference in Islamabad, announced the manifesto titled ‘Shandaar Pakistan, Shandaar Mustaqbil aur Kharaab Maazi sey chutkara’ (Great Pakistan, great future, and freedom from bad past).

Gohar Khan said the party, if elected, would decrease the tenure of the National Assembly to 4 years from currently 5 years. He also mentioned about some constitutional amendments that could lead to the country’s prime minister being chosen “directly by the public and not by the members of the National Assembly”.

Gohar Khan also promised to form a truth and reconciliation commission that could address injustices faced by the common man.

“We cannot have two laws, one for the rich and one for the poor,” he said.

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PTI leader further said that the Code of Criminal Procedure would be reformed to provide “protection to the people”.

Speaking about the economy, the party’s manifesto promised to reform the tax scheme while increasing the tax net. It also vowed to provide a subsidy specifically for the farmers.

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Gohar said the party would work on promoting solar energy projects, introducing a universal health card, and bringing educational reforms.

About the foreign policy, PTI leader mentioned that the party’s first principle would be to ensure that “no one can interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs”.


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