As Pakistan grapples with the fourth day of suspended mobile broadband services, users – albeit via VPN – continued to lament and lampoon the state of affairs.

On Tuesday, the government of Pakistan blocked mobile broadband and social media websites in the aftermath of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s arrest and subsequent riots. They are yet to be restored on the fourth day of suspension.

‘Far-reaching effects’: GSMA urges Pakistan to restore internet services

The outage has also affected online banking, ride-hailing services and food delivery apps across Pakistan. Sources in the telecom sector stated that telecom operators incurred an estimated loss of Rs1.64 billion in revenue while the government endured a dent worth Rs574 million in taxes up until Thursday.

Suspension of mobile broadband: telecom operators lose Rs820mn, source says

Freelancers are suffering, and Pakistan’s reputation is taking a further hit.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty over restoration of services, here is a look at some tweets that caught our attention.

The enablers of democratic public debate…

An unlikely superhero emerges…

Keep calm and VPN on…

The road to no recourse…

The hashtag harshtruth…

‘Negative investor perception’: venture capital association calls out internet suspension


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Shahjahan Bhatti May 12, 2023 07:22pm
shame on mainstream media for not raising the issue.
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