TEXT: I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations onyour commendable work in producing the AdAsia supplement since 1995 and the comingevent is happening in Seoul, Korea from October24 to October 27. Your dedication to informing usabout the latest advertising and marketingdevelopments is truly admirable.

This year’s AdAsia promises to be anexciting one, with emerging technologies takingcentre stage. The industry’s continued embraceof AI, augmented reality, and data-driveninsights is transforming how brands connectwith their audiences. It’s fascinating to see howthese technologies are redefining the creativeand strategic aspects of advertising.Your role in shedding light on these innovationsand trends is invaluable. Your supplement notonly celebrates the vibrant advertisingcommunity but also empowers professionals tonavigate this evolving landscape successfully.

Once again, congratulations on youroutstanding contributions, Jawwad. Your workenriches the industry, and I eagerly look forwardto your insights from AdAsia 2023.

Copyright Business Recorder, 2023


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