Govt considering banning Imran Khan’s PTI: Defence Minister Khawaja Asif

  • Says PTI has attacked very basis of the state, and it cannot be tolerated
Published May 24, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is considering banning former prime minister Imran Khan’s political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said on Wednesday.

The move comes amid political instability in the aftermath of Khan’s arrest on May 9 on corruption charges, before he was released on bail on court orders.

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“It is under consideration to ban PTI,” Asif told reporters. “The PTI has attacked very basis of the state, that never happened before. It can’t be tolerated”.

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Khan’s arrest sparked deadly protests across the country, with army establishments being attacked and state buildings set ablaze.

On May 9, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Khan from outside Islamabad High Court (IHC) in the Al-Qadir Trust Case.

Following his arrest, protests erupted across Pakistan as PTI supporters locked horns with law enforcement officials. The protests soon turned violent with party workers blocking highways, main entry and exit routes to all major cities, attacking and burning state buildings, police and public vehicles and rampaging through army installations.

Amid the ruckus, the Lahore Corps Commander House (Jinnah House) was also attacked and set on fire by vandals.

The mayhem attracted massive condemnation from the leadership and armed forces.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stated that the government “will create an example out of the miscreants who vandalised and attacked state institutions so that such an incident never takes place in Pakistan again”.

He further termed the miscreants terrorists and cited that “these are anti-state activities”.

Later in a meeting of National Security Committee, the government mulled to hold trials of the attackers in military courts.

“I have recommend increasing the number of terrorist courts and enhancing their timings for trials of the miscreants,” he said.

He lamented that “protectors of the country” were attacked who had “sacrificed their lives. This is an insult to martyrs of the nation”.

The PM highlighted that the Core Commander is responsible for controlling law and order but “even his residence was not spared”.

The protests dampened after two days when the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered Khan’s “immediate release”.


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Shahid Khan May 24, 2023 01:34pm
What a sad day for democracy. PMLN is forgetting history of the country and tomorrow they can be the victim!!
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Tulukan Mairandi May 24, 2023 02:03pm
Great. It should be banned. After which it will likely morph into a militant movement
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Sam May 24, 2023 02:04pm
When you cannot win against him in elections...arranage a black swan event and ban him.. What punjabi paindoos are thinking...220 million people are dumb like them..they will never let another 1971 happen again...they will neutralize all mir sadiqs and mir jafers!
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KU May 24, 2023 02:20pm
One can only weep at the intellect of these leaders and pray for good riddance. They forget that what goes around comes around, but we all know that these usual suspects will run away to the EU and the US with ill-gotten wealth, and they will be welcomed even when the EU has shown its resolve to catch these characters who plunder their country's wealth.
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Karl May 24, 2023 02:29pm
Banning PTI now will be as stupid and shorted a move as the No confidence motion to unseat him. Look at the mess the PDM have landed in. Had they waited till elections, they could have won by popular support
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Safinaz May 24, 2023 02:34pm
When you cannot crush them by killing them, maiming them, ridiculing them and labeling them terrorist with ridiculous campaigns funded by Government money then you Ban them. Bravo, and he is the one who said on the floor of the house that this army has eaten the flesh off from this nation's bones.
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Sam May 24, 2023 02:41pm
Why punjabis are above the law?
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Muhammad Adnan Ghafoor May 24, 2023 03:42pm
Immature actions from Political parties. They have proven number times they have no royalty with the country. Unfortunately political parties are not letting people of Pakistan grow. The only solution is revival of basis grass root democracy & true democracy in the political parties setup. There is no other way around. But politician are not ready they like to remain in the role of dictator.
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MYW May 24, 2023 04:19pm
Just imagine who is saying this....Long history of betraying the people of Pakistan at every crucial moment and yet consider themselves above the canon. They were even not elected by the public for the capacity in which they are sitting at the moment. What a doomed moment for our country..
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SOHAIL JEHANGIR May 24, 2023 08:54pm
In Sha Allah Pakistan will survive n avert default... instability came after 2017 n never stopped till the date... soon Pakistan will recover the losses
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Yusuf May 25, 2023 06:06am
Q: How history will remember present civilian and military leaders? A: A group of mir sadiqs and mir jafers who sold the soul of country for pennies...and people of Pakistan will never forgive them!
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Yusuf May 25, 2023 06:58am
@Sam, IK is playing by the rules and paindoo not play by the rules...they do not want to yield power to all pakistanis!
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Jay May 25, 2023 04:59pm
@Yusuf, Indeed...from apoliticals to guardians of the constitution...all paindoos...scratching each others back and pushing country towards a very bloody civil war!
thumb_up Recommended (0)
John May 25, 2023 05:01pm
No lessons learnt from history...what Ayub Khan did to Iskander Mirza...JI...Fatima Jinnah...Sheikh Mujib...
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