“I will have you know The Khan’s popularity graph declined by 5 percent on Monday…” “Which survey?” “Mine – straight from the heart.”

“Surveys do not reflect the heart silly, they are based on a random representative sample of the population and though the surveyor and the participants bias is a given yet I reckon its contribution is no more than plus/minus 5 percent…”

“And you reckon the dip of 5 percent in The Khan popularity reflects this bias?”

“It’s possible isn’t it?”

“I will have you know that my assessment from the heart is based on the outcome of all previous surveys which are based on certain prevalent factors at the time…”

“Oh? You couldn’t be referring to a statement by the hard working Ishaq Dar equating his past economically untenable policies with successes?”

“For your information every time he occupies the position of Minister of Finance is a success. All others are interim finance ministers as far as he is concerned. And…wait…I haven’t finished yet’, we all know Dar sahib works night and day – his latest supporter is Tessori sahib, the Governor of Sindh, who mentioned his tireless commitment to…”

“To first throw his weight at all those he interacts with and when that doesn’t succeed to capitulate…”

“That’s a Gullu Butt approach – show your weight to the other side but with overwhelming official support and…”

“And one that is gone to exit the country forthwith but anyway I wasn’t referring to Dar sahib because he made no statement on Monday, or at least I didn’t hear any, the reason why The Khan’s popularity plummeted is because Notification Maryam Nawaz did not address any public gathering yesterday.”

“NMN is the Khan’s Queen that invariably checkmates the PML-N ambition of winning Punjab.”

“And who is NMN’s Queen?”


“And daddy’s?”


“And Zardari sahib’s?”

“Zardari sahib has always had multiple queens…”

“Islam allows…”

“Don’t be facetious, you know precisely what I mean.”

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