Maryam Nawaz asks Supreme Court to remain impartial

  • PML-N Vice-President says it's not the job of courts to help Imran Khan whenever he fails
Published May 28, 2022

PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Saturday asked the Supreme Court (SC) to "remain impartial," adding that it's not the job of the courts to come to the aid of Imran Khan whenever he fails, Aaj News reported.

“I humbly request the Supreme Court to stay away from this anarchic [person],” she said while addressing a rally in Bahawalpur.

“The public will bring down the revolution he [Imran Khan] wants to bring through the Supreme Court.”

No negotiations with Imran Khan until he accepts defeat: Marriyum

Talking about the PTI's long march, she said: "After Imran Khan's march failed, he said it didn't succeed because there was no preparation."

“You were not prepared to bring people but were ready to start a fire.”

The PML-N leader said that Imran Khan destroyed Pakistan's economy, adding there was no conspiracy against the former premier.

She said Nawaz Sharif has made it clear that he would not be blackmailed by any group.

Earlier on Saturday, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said that negotiations cannot be held with Imran Khan until he "accepts defeat" and corrects his language and behaviour.

Ready for negotiations if result is free and fair elections: Imran Khan

Aurangzeb's statement came after Khan said he was ready for "all sorts of negotiations" that can lead to free and fair elections.

In a press conference earlier in the day, Khan said from today, everyone in his party has been asked to prepare for the march.

"This time we will come with full preparation," he said. "We have made a plan to avoid what happened to us during the long march."

Khan also announced moving the court against the "revocation of the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis" and amendments to the National Accountability Bureau law.


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MALIK DAOUD KHAN May 29, 2022 02:18am
I think IK was not ready for tear gas, rubber bullets, police beatings and Road blocks. A government has failed when it subjects it's people to violence. Like what India does in Kashmir.
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