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Honda Atlas reveals 'tentative' prices of its 2022 Civic

  • Will come in three variants with prices going as high as Rs6.149 million
Published February 4, 2022

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited announced on Thursday 'tentative' prices for its next-generation Civic that would feature three 1.5-litre variants, confirmed multiple dealers to Business Recorder.

The 2022 Civic will replace the current 10th-generation model, and feature the following variants:

  1. 1.5L Turbo M-CVT (priced at Rs5,099,000)

  2. Oriel 1.5L Turbo M-CVT (priced at Rs5,399,000), and

  3. 1.5L Turbo LL-CVT (at Rs6,149,000)

The dealerships stated that these prices are "tentative", and subject to change keeping in view the exchange-rate parity.

"Customers are being told that delivery times will go up till September. Hence, there could be a price-difference then. That is why Honda is calling these prices tentative," said a dealer on condition of anonymity.

Partial booking amount has been set at Rs1,200,000 for all variants, the company said on its Twitter account.

The development comes just a few days after the company dismissed an earlier post circulating on social media regarding the booking and prices of the 2022 Honda Civic model. The auto assembler also warned that it "reserves the right" to pursue legal action against those circulating the ‘fake news’.

Honda Atlas dismisses ‘fake news’ over 2022 Civic model

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited, in its message, stated, “We have been made aware of a letter circulating on Facebook regarding booking/ prices of the 2022 New Honda Civic.

“We strongly condemn this and the concerns responsible (individual or organization) who created, generated, or promoted this letter.”

10th Generation Honda Civic likely to be discontinued, say dealers

Earlier this month, Business Recorder had reported that Honda Atlas is likely to discontinue its 10th Generation Civic in Pakistan this calendar year, bringing down the curtain on the model it launched in 2016.

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Irfan Ghani Feb 04, 2022 08:38pm
Honda Civic Nice car . Need CRV SUV for this country
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قاضی یاسر Feb 05, 2022 10:01am
1.8 کا ریٹ نہیں دیا کیا 1.8 نہیں لانچ کر رہیں
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Imran Tahir Feb 05, 2022 03:04pm
Price of 1.8
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Anonymous Feb 05, 2022 04:07pm
@Imran Tahir, there is no 1.8L variant anymore
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Abdul Manan Abro Feb 05, 2022 06:53pm
@قاضی یاسر, seems no variant this time of 1.8 CC
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Syed Israr Ali Feb 05, 2022 07:03pm
Honda Atlas is playing fraud with people by using terminology 'Tentative' on the pretext of fluctuating exchange rates to further fleece people to make money. If a vehicle is booked, today, the ruling exchange rate should also to be of the same date. As to fluctuating exchange rates, the banks and big corporations to cover risk have practice of booking exchange in forward. Hence please stop defrauding people.
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Tariq Feb 05, 2022 08:30pm
@قاضی یاسر,
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Tariq Feb 05, 2022 08:31pm
@قاضی یاسر, no
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Afzal khan Feb 05, 2022 09:06pm
I also booked the Honda by Bank but waiting new model 2022 ..11th generation...when launching Honda civic 1.8 ..11th generation. Plz reply ....I am in azitation
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