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“Bilawal Bhutto Zardari hit back at Maryam for tweeting that he is The Khan’s replacement referring to him as the next selected…”

“Well, technically Z A Bhutto, ab-initio, was also selected by the establishment but for a shorter time period than say Nawaz Sharif and……”

“You know what is ironical! The only leader who was not handpicked by the establishment is Zardari sahib and granted that votes in Sindh are cast for Bhutto – father and daughter – yet technically…”

“Zardari sahib was selected by Benazir Bhutto!”

“Like Captain Safdar was selected by Maryam Nawaz…”

“Speaking of who picked the more useful…”

“Don’t go there; anyway my suggestion to daddy is that he draws up a list of pros and cons of Maryam Nawaz as the face of the party…”

“She is a good orator and attracts crowds…”

“But the crowds are mobilized by those who play constituency politics which she knows nothing about - unlike the younger branch of the Sharif family and when they were in jail you saw how many were mobilized for the Lahore jalsa…”

“But Maryam Nawaz as the daughter of Nawaz Sharif can attract more votes than Shahbaz Sharif as his brother….”

“That is the narrative but I am not too sure how accurate that is.”

“Anyway her cons are many – there is no logic to her suggestions - for the life of me I can’t understand what the resignations will achieve because I am pretty sure The Khan will announce bye polls irrespective of how ever many resignations can be mustered…”

“Right and her own party workers may well decide to dump the party if push comes to shove…”

“Right, then she is too angry all the time. Too vicious in her attacks, and one doesn’t know what she achieves by her anger….her reading of people is flawed – look how she got played by the Zardaris…”

“Right and her proposal to accept the Chaudharys as chief minister Punjab was shot down by First Uncle and First Cousin who said this would allow the PPP and the Q League to make inroads into the province…”

“So keep The Buzz?”

“I ask you who could be better than The Buzz for the Punjabis to sorely miss Shahbaz Sharif’s governance in a big way and…”

“Does The Khan know that he is in synch with the leader of the opposition in the house on the matter of Wasim Akram Plus?”

“Who said The Khan is only creating conflict and divisiveness…”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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