PM Shehbaz directs to make arrangements to bring back Pakistani students from Kyrgyzstan

  • A special plane will leave for Bishkek Kyrgyzstan today and will bring back 130 Pakistani students tonight
Published May 19, 2024

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Sunday instructed the Ambassador of Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan Hasan Ali Zaigham to make all necessary arrangements regarding the special plane to bring back Pakistani students from Kyrgyzstan, Radio Pakistan reported.

In his telephone conversation with Hasan Ali Zaigham, the premier directed him to stay in touch with all Pakistani students and their families in Kyrgyzstan.

The prime minister said that injured Pakistani students should be brought to Pakistan on a priority basis.

1st flight carrying 180 Pakistanis from Kyrgyzstan lands in Lahore

He said repatriation of family members residing in Kyrgyzstan with Pakistani students should also be arranged on a priority basis.

On the instructions of the Prime Minister, a special plane will leave for Bishkek Kyrgyzstan this evening and will bring back 130 Pakistani students tonight.

The Pakistani Ambassador informed the Prime Minister about his meeting with the Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister.

Pakistan protests to Kyrgyz diplomat after violence

According to him, the Kyrgyz government has said that the situation has been completely brought under control and there were no new incidents of violence last night and today.

The Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister said security has been enhanced and Pakistani and other foreign students are absolutely safe.

The Minister said even if the situation returns to normal and any Pakistani student wants to return home, he should be provided with all kinds of facilities.


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KU May 19, 2024 06:17pm
Fearless mob beat foreign students with impunity n no effort by police to stop them. If it was any other country's citizens, Kyrgyz govt would have much to answer, but our govt does not react.
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NotSurprised May 19, 2024 06:23pm
Why is govt creating such a drama about this, as if they are evacuating from the moon. Why on earth Pak Foreign Minister Dar had to go there, if we have a functioning embassy there.
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Amran Arshad May 19, 2024 09:35pm
Sir 250miln people r at high risk...take those looters in task,forget imf take serious Austrty measures urgently
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