ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Finance has reportedly asked the Power Division to provide year-wise details of Tariff Differential Subsidy (TDS) of K-Electric (KE) arrears for the last five years (reconciled), well-informed sources told Business Recorder.

In a letter to the Power Division, the Finance Ministry has cited reference of Office Memorandum (OM) of the Power Division of April 2, 2024 and a subsequent meeting of April 4, 2024 on budget estimates FY2024-25 held in Finance Ministry under the chairmanship of Additional Finance Secretary (Corporate Finance).

Power supply remains stable amid intermittent showers: KE

According to the Finance Ministry, following actionable items were highlighted which should be provided by April 19, 2024 for FY 2024-25 budget operations: (i) reconciled KE’s subsidy claims under respective categories till June 2022; (ii) reconciled AJK subsidy from July, 2022 onwards; (iii) forecast subsidy implication of FATA for supply of two hours and four hours electricity along with unit consumption; (iv) year-wise detail of arrears under FATA subsidy against the units supplied;(v) adjustment of advance subsidy provided to the tune of Rs 150 billion during FY 2019-20 and 2020-21; (vi) timeline of AJK tariff issues resolution;(vii) timeline for charging basket price (CPPA-G) to AJK; (viii) detail of proposed payment to IPPs/GPPs; (ix) year-wise Tariff Differential Subsidy (TDS) KE arrears for the last five years (reconciled); and (x) year-wise unpaid subsidies on account of un-verified claims of power Distribution Companies (Discos).

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