Pakistan bans New Year celebrations in solidarity with Gaza

  • Caretaker PM Kakar says Pakistani nation and Muslim world are in state of anguish over massacre of innocent Palestinians
Published December 28, 2023 Updated December 29, 2023

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar announced on Thursday a complete ban on New Year celebrations in Pakistan to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

In a special video message shared by the Prime Minister Office (PMO) on X, the interim prime minister requested the nation to show solidarity with the people of Gaza who have been facing Israeli aggression since October 7.

Israel has pounded Gaza Strip, killing more than 21,000 Palestenians, mostly children, in air strikes and ground operations started after Hamas's attacks on October 7, which killed around 1,200 Israelis, according to Israeli estimates.

“The whole Pakistani nation and the Muslim world are in a sheer state of anguish over the massacre of innocent children and genocide of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank,” PM Kakar said.

Israeli aggression in Gaza add to heavy Palestinian toll

Pakistan has already sent two consignments of aid to Gaza and will soon send a third one to help the Palestinians, he stated.

PM Kakar informed that Pakistani authorities were in contact with Egyptian and Jordanian counterparts to make sure that the efforts were directed for the betterment of the Palestinians.

Earlier today, the Pakistani military's top brass also reiterated its call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and a peaceful conclusion to the ongoing conflict, while expressing full sympathy with the people of Palestine and denouncing the egregious abuses of human rights and war crimes occurring in Gaza.


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Razzak Dec 28, 2023 07:47pm
A request or an appeal to the citizens would have sufficed. Citizens and small business owners would have voluntarily shown solidarity with the situation in Gaza on New year. As usual what else can you expect from immature nitwits, ban is the only thing that's their in their empty heads.
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Muhammad Dec 28, 2023 07:59pm
Funny how the first thing that comes to mind to our rulers is ban. Even when the greatest tragedy of mankind is unfolding in Gaza, our leaders are behaving like feudal lords exhibiting their powers and elitism. We are citizens and we have more moral conscience than elite rulers. Even if there's no ban, we wouldn't celebrate New year.
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Abdullah Dec 28, 2023 08:08pm
Solidarity shouldn't be enforced. People of Pakistan are well aware of the situation and politicians need not score points by enacting a cheap stunt like enforcing a ban. Concentrate on your primary role of transitioning power to the newly elected government. Ensure free and fair elections first.
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Hujjathullah M.H.Babu Sahib Dec 28, 2023 08:25pm
I thought contemporary Pakistani elites and leaders are long dead, islamically that is. This move of theirs' proved me wrong. May Allah SWT bless them all, ameen !
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Shahid Dec 28, 2023 08:28pm
@Razzak , when did he say ban will be on private functions? Please listen again, this is only for official/government functions, decorations etc. For private, there was only an appeal. Should we not appreciate a good thing when done by our government?
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KU Dec 28, 2023 08:49pm
Do we celebrate New Year officially? Besides, solidarity display is not going to save lives in Gaza and previous solidarity and condemnation by OIC did not stop the killing of thousands of children and women. We need to take serious and meaningful steps to stop this genocide rather than singing songs or burning candles for the dead souls as well as ones still alive.
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test Dec 28, 2023 10:03pm
2023 was actually bad for the muslim world i mean earthquakes, floods, massacre. I don't know how else to describe it.
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Parvez Dec 28, 2023 10:55pm
The Muslim world and in particular the Arab countries ( apart from Yemen) have apart from wrung their hands in despair, shed crocodile tears or made long winded speeches at conference and meeting.......and this attempt, small as it is, by our PM is simply more of the same.
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