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KARACHI: Board Meetings of Companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange....
Published September 23, 2023

KARACHI: Board Meetings of Companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

NAME OF COMPANY                         DATE         TIME
Thatta Cement Company Limited        26-Sep-23      15:15
Nishat Mills Limited                 26-Sep-23      11:30
Khyber Textile Mills Limited         26-Sep-23      11:00
Dewan Salman Fibre Ltd.              26-Sep-23       7:30
Dewan Textile Mills Ltd              26-Sep-23       8:30
Dewan Farooque Motors Limited        26-Sep-23      16:30
Dewan Automotive Enginering 
Limited                              26-Sep-23      15:30
Dewan Cement Limited                 26-Sep-23      17:30
Dewan Farooque Spinning Mills 
Limited                              26-Sep-23      18:30
Arctic Textile Mills Limited         26-Sep-23      11:00
Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills 
Limited                              26-Sep-23      17:00
Sapphire Fibres Limited              26-Sep-23      15:00
Sapphire Textile Mills Limited       26-Sep-23      12:30
Arif Habib Limited                   26-Sep-23      15:30
Tariq Corporation Limited            26-Sep-23      14:00
Suraj Cotton Mills Limited           26-Sep-23      11:30
United Brands Limited                26-Sep-23      12:00
AWT Investments Limited              26-Sep-23      11:30
Elahi Cotton Mills Limited           26-Sep-23      10:00
First UDL Modaraba                   26-Sep-23      11:00
Tariq Glass Industries Limited       26-Sep-23      11:00
Biafo Industries Limited             26-Sep-23      11:30
786 Investments Limited              27-Sep-23      16:30
Faysal Bank Limited                  27-Sep-23      11:15
Ecopack Limited                      27-Sep-23      13:45
Pak Agro Packaging Limited (GEM)     27-Sep-23      17:30
Zephyr Textile Limited               27-Sep-23      11:00
Hamid Textile Mills Limited          27-Sep-23      11:30
International Knitwear Limited       27-Sep-23      15:30
First National Equities Limited      27-Sep-23      16:00
Pakistan Hotels Developers 
Limited                              27-Sep-23      14:00
Pak-Gulf Leasing Company Limited     27-Sep-23      15:30
Shadab Textile Mills Limited         27-Sep-23      11:30
First Imrooz Modaraba                27-Sep-23      15:00
IBL HealthCare Limited               27-Sep-23      12:00
Pakistan National Shipping 
Corporation                          27-Sep-23      12:00
Towellers Limited                    27-Sep-23      11:00
NIT-Funds                            27-Sep-23      11:30
NIT Pakistan Gateway ETF             27-Sep-23      11:30
Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited       27-Sep-23      15:00
Arif Habib Corporation Limited       28-Sep-23      11:00
Oil & Gas Development Company 
Limited                              28-Sep-23      11:30
Faisal Spinning Mills Limited        28-Sep-23      12:00
Blessed Textiles Limited             28-Sep-23      11:00
Bhanero Textile Mills Limited        28-Sep-23      10:00
Premium Textile Mills Limited        28-Sep-23      11:00
Shezan International Limited         28-Sep-23      11:30
Bawany Air Products Ltd              28-Sep-23      14:00
The Crescent Textile Mills 
Limited                              28-Sep-23      10:30
Dawood Equities Limited              28-Sep-23      11:00
Shams Textile Mills Limited          28-Sep-23      16:30
Pakistan Synthetics Limited          28-Sep-23      16:00
TRG Pakistan Limited                 28-Sep-23      19:00
Ideal Spinning Mills Limited         28-Sep-23      11:00
At-Tahur Limited                     28-Sep-23      11:00
Din Textile Mills Limited            28-Sep-23      11:30
First Elite Capital Modaraba         28-Sep-23      14:00
The Searle Company Limited           28-Sep-23      12:00
Kohat Textile Mills Limited          28-Sep-23      11:00
Saif Textile Mills Limited           28-Sep-23      12:00
Pakistan Services Limited            28-Sep-23      10:30
Image Pakistan Limited               28-Sep-23      11:00
Nishat Chunian Limited               28-Sep-23      11:00
Gillette Pakistan Limited            28-Sep-23      10:45
Citi Pharma Ltd                      28-Sep-23      14:00
First Treet Manufacturing 
Modaraba                             28-Sep-23      12:30
Treet Corporation Limited            28-Sep-23      13:00
Pioneer Cement Limited               28-Sep-23      11:30
United Distributors Pakistan 
Limited                              28-Sep-23      15:30
Bata Pakistan Limited                28-Sep-23      11:00
Cordoba Logistics & Ventures 
Limited                              28-Sep-23      11:00
Power Cement Limited                 28-Sep-23      13:45
Kohinoor Industries Limited          28-Sep-23      11:00
Pakistan International Bulk 
Terminal                             28-Sep-23      15:00

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