“Conscience is good and bad and…” “OK so not an animal thingy.” “Hey this is neither the time nor the place…” “I concede but do you think The Old Khan has reemerged yet?”

“He did mention a ten-member team empowered to take decisions at the negotiating table, an offer that was unthinkable before 9 May.”

“But he talked of his spiritual guide and restated his own as well as The Third Wife’s Islamic credentials – I don’t question them, but then I don’t question anyone’s Islamic credentials. As pre-schoolers we celebrate religious events/festivals with families – Eid, Ramazan, Eid-e-Milad and Muharram — and are indoctrinated with values of our families.”

“The Khan constantly refers to his sojourn in the West and democracy but ignores the fact that the separation of the state and religion is an integral component of their societal evolution and which may be one reason why the West no longer has any major sectarian conflict…”

“Hmmmm, anyway while The Khan was referring to The Third Wife and his own impeccable religious credentials surely he is aware by now that while his narrative about his own personality still commands supporters yet few are convinced about his wife’s credentials.”

“Hmmm, and as I always say those who accepted her as their murshed (spiritual guide) apart from The Khan are either outside the country or disenfranchised or in the process of being disenfranchised by the people and their own institutions and so perhaps he needs a second opinion.”

“Don’t be facetious, anyway talking of raising the conscience of the people of the Land of the Pure through setting up the Rehmatulilalameen authority way back in October 2021, and the Al-Qadir trust bankrolled by one very grateful real estate tycoon though perhaps The Husband and Wife Team (HWT) should have considered the fact that while Shaukat Khanum cancer hospitals have millions and millions of donors the Al-Qadir Trust has only one, I mean not even the trustees have so far invested…”

“Stop – we all do what our conscience dictates. And while HWT consider their conscience to be purest of the pure yet conscience prompts each one of us to act differently in a given situation, based on our education and religion and experience and indeed self-interest as some of the voting patterns during The Khan premiership indicate.”

“Agreed - I would like to quote Shakespeare from Richard III: my conscience hath a thousand several tongues and every tongue brings in a several tale, and every tale condemns me for a villain.”

“Nietzsche sad that not only our reason but also our conscience truckles to our strongest impulse – the tyrant in us.”

“Hmmm – The Khan read these authors when he was in university but I doubt if The Third Wife…”

“Hush all we can say is cut your losses Khan sahib, cut them and all may still be well.”

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KU May 26, 2023 12:05pm
Conscience is as old a topic of debate as human evolution, and the individual always has the last say on the subject. There are many other characters who follow (apart from spiritual-thingy) egg-thingy, baba stick-thingy, fortuneteller-thingy, and astrologer-thingy, and the list is stupefyingly long. Need to explore that too, will be interesting reading.
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