‘My Suzuki, My Story’ (MSMS), a competition that encourages consumers to share memories of any of the company’s vehicles, is back for a third time with prizes on offer. The lineup includes a Suzuki Swift and Alto 660cc as well as the Gixxer, GS150, and GR150 motorcycles.

As before, people are asked to share their stories “where Suzuki had an important part to play, express love for the brand and rejoice in nostalgic or memorable moments”.

As per its website, entries can be in any form: pictures, videos, travelogues, songs, or even written stories. Once the entry is uploaded on the website, anyone is eligible to vote for it.

MSMS 3 will have 5 winners based on which ones have the best “emotions, story-telling and brand connect.”

In season 1, one of the shortlisted winners was Rubab Kazmi, who wrote a poem about her father’s Suzuki Mehran. “Mehran was our first car, so there are some very fond memories with the car,” she had said.

Another featured a retired director marketing who said he has had an association with the brand for 35 years.

In season 2, we heard from Qadeer Gillani, who took his Suzuki 150 motorcycle to tour the country with his mother, back in 2018.

“Normally such plans are made with friends but when I told my mom about my proposition, she was ready before I was.

“Suzuki has been around for over 40 years and has provided automobiles to almost three generations of Pakistanis now … being a household brand, it has been part of all our lives in some way. Every Pakistani has at least one fond memory of a Suzuki,” the company said in a statement.

“Based on this premise, My Suzuki My Story 3 invites you to take a stroll down memory lane, recall, and share your most memorable moments with us.”

“This is the only sustained platform by an automobile brand in Pakistan that doesn’t sell a product but elicits an expression of love for the brand, not to mention, some top-quality user-generated content,” the company said.

Details on My Suzuki My Story Season 3.

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