Opposition's no-confidence motion increased PTI's popularity: PM Imran

  • Premier says opposition is trying to topple his govt to get rid of corruption cases
Published March 26, 2022

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday "thanked" the opposition parties for introducing the no-confidence motion against him, saying the move helped his party to regain popularity.

“Our estranged party workers have returned to [PTI] after seeing their [opposition leaders] real faces… nations fall when they stop differentiating between good and evil,” the premier said while addressing a gathering in Kamalia.

He said the opposition is trying to topple his government to get rid of the corruption cases against them. "Even if I lose my life, I will not pardon your (opposition) corruption cases," he reiterated.

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Taking a dig at former premier Nawaz Sharif, he accused him of starting horse-trading in Pakistan.

"If the opposition comes into power and closes all the corruption cases, Nawaz Sharif would return to Pakistan from London, take support from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and attack the courts," he said.

Giving a reason behind Nawaz's issues with Army chiefs, he said the military's agencies are the first ones who get information about his "corruption."

"He [Nawaz] wants to control them as he already controls other institutions," he said.

He said political leaders with offshore assets cannot pursue independent foreign policy because they fear losing their wealth.

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“I don’t want to strain country’s relations with any other country but there is a difference between compromise and maintaining good relationships,” he remarked.

He said when a nation cannot distinguish between good and evil, it dies.

"God has commanded that we stand with good and against evil. When you see good and evil in society, God has commanded that you do not remain neutral."

Criticizing the opposition, he said they were "buying the conscience" of members of the National Assembly for Rs250-300 million.

"Through looted money, the country's biggest thugs want to oust a sitting government," PM Imran said, urging people to come out on March 27 in great numbers to give a message to the opposition that their "corrupt politics is over."

Talking about his government's performance, he said Pakistan's exports and tax collection have risen considerably during the last three years.

"This is why the gang of thugs has united [...] they are afraid of the government's works," he added.


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