The smartphone brand that's leading in style and affordability

  The ‘ future is now ’ and it’s being led by Infinix; a smartphone brand that’s built for the youthful spirit.
Published June 1, 2019 Updated June 11, 2019


The ‘future is now’ and it’s being led by Infinix; a smartphone brand that’s built for the youthful spirit. The brand’s fashionable designs, cutting edge technology and reasonable rates have swiftly made the tech innovator the go to brand for masses of young people.

The Infinix smartphones are made for techies, tribalists and those who appreciate contemporary and stylish designs. As a brand that imagines phones as an outlet for self-expression this vision has certainly clicked with consumers who prioritize fashion and functionality.

The most noteworthy aspect of the Infinix brand however is it's aim to provide these features at affordable rates. Aware of the financial restraints of millennials, the company has made it its mission to provide the best technology at the most value for money.

Infinix was launched in 2013 and its popularity with the young generation quickly made it a premium smartphone brand in the emerging markets. Although the company has a consumer base across the world, however its key features of contemporary design, effective functionality and yet affordable pricing has made it particularly popular across South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The brand's success in the Pakistani marketplace is no doubt due to the country's younger population who are attracted to the efficiency and style provided by Infinix and are conscious of the utility being provided for their budget.

Those who are currently looking for the most bang for their buck will be excited to hear about the newest edition to the Infinix smartphone family: the Smart Plus 3.


The Smart Plus 3 provides cutting edge technology in a bold and stylish design that's all the while durable and affordable (costing only PKR/- 16,999). Its generous display gives users the best viewing experience, while it's long battery facilitates ease and reliability. The most distinct feature of the Smart Plus 3 though is that it's the first smartphone in the price range to offer a triple rear camera with low light shooting and 6.2" Waterdrop display.

Besides the Smart Plus 3, other devices launched by Infinix have also been widely praised by reviewers. The Infinix Zero came as the flagship mobile with a high end CPU and a professional level camera perfect for pro photographers and videographers. The Infinix Note has a large display, comes with a stylish xpen and offers a very high capacity through its massive battery and fast x-charging, making the mobile a perfect utility for working professionals on the go. Other phones by the brand include the Infinix S and HOT series both of which were well received in the marketplace. The S series features a high pixel front facing camera, face beauty and an overall look that’s fashionably quirky and made for those who look for style in their device. The HOT series on the other hand packs a long lasting battery, 3D stereo speakers and a colorful fuselage with a unique 3D texture, making it a perfect entertainment viewing device.

Overall the Infinix smartphone range has definitely proved to be quite popular, especially in emerging markets like Pakistan. What’s truly remarkable is Infinix’s commitment to equipping the masses of young adults with a smartphone for their use. The dedication to fulfilling the needs of young consumers has made it a dynamic brand. By offering premium tech at modest price ranges, Infinix has risen in the ranks and become a brand that’s for the people.

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