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Automobile Industry Survey 2018: Honda Civic & Suzuki GD 110S declared biggest winners

According to Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018, 35% of the car market is dominated by Toyota ,
Published April 30, 2019

According to Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018, 35% of the car market is dominated by Toyota, followed by Suzuki at 29%, Honda 27% and 9% others. is not only Pakistan's No.1 marketplace for buying and selling of cars but an institution which conducts in-depth research on peoples' automobile preferences and behaviors. Based on PakWheels' research-based documents, the movers and shakers of Pakistan's automobile industry make important policy decisions.

Keeping in line with its tradition of being at the forefront of Pakistan's automobile scene, PakWheels this year too, conducted a detailed survey titled Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018.

Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018 had the survey pool of 35,176, representing all the four provinces and the federal territory. Both men and women were part of the survey sample.

Like its predecessors, Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018 has been divided into two main parts - car owners/drivers and motorcycle riders. They were asked the same set of questions regarding their buying preferences, opinions regarding their vehicles, their preferred automobile brands and the factors that were important to them while buying a car/motorcycle, etc.

In the car segment, it is Toyota which dominates the market (35%), followed by Suzuki (29%) and Honda (27%). Under Toyota's brand, Corolla emerged as the clear winner with a 20% market share, followed by Honda City (12%) and Civic (11%). Under Suzuki's banner, Cultus (8%), Mehran (7%), Wagon R (4%), and Swift (2%) were the most popular models among survey respondents. The pattern that emerges from the survey is rather interesting - that while Honda and Suzuki have more than one popular models, Toyota has only one - Corolla.

Interestingly, this consumer behavior hasn't changed much since last year. According to the Automobile Industry Survey Report 2017, 35% of the local market was dominated by Toyota, followed by Suzuki at 28%, and 27% Honda, while 11% of the car market was dominated by other automobile brands.

Moving to the motorcycle segment of the survey, Honda ruled the roost. 59% of the bike segment was dominated by Honda, followed by Yamaha at 8%. Under the Honda brand, the most popular models are CD 70 (29%), CG 125 (14%), and CB 125 F (6%). Suzuki's GS 150 is the most popular Suzuki bike, which dominated 3% of the bike market. Under the Yamaha brand, YBR 125 and YBR 125 G were the most popular models, which equally (2%) dominated the bike market.

As per the latest survey, 76% of the respondents spent less than 2 million when buying a car. The biggest chunk of the respondents (50%) in this category spent anywhere from 0.5 million to 1.5 million when buying their cars. Only 3% spent more than 3.5 million on their cars.

In the motorcycle category, 76% of the respondents reported spending less than 100,000 rupees when buying a motorcycle. This percentage can be further broken down into 34% of respondents spending less than 50,000 rupees and 42% spending up to 100,000 when buying a bike.

Like its predecessors, this survey, too, revealed some interesting facts. For example, while 80% had a driving license, 20% drove or rode without a license. An alarming number of 67% of respondents aged less than 18 drove without a driver’s license.

64 % of the respondents bought a used car, while 34% bought a new car. 9% of the used cars were bought through car financing, while 34% of new cars were bought through car financing. 70% of the respondents reported owning a locally manufactured car, while 28% of the respondents owned an imported car. The most important aspect for respondents owning cars was their vehicle's safety, followed by comfort and then fuel efficiency. Interestingly, their car's resale value played a minor role in their decision of buying that car.

Switching to the motorcycle/bike segment, 62% of the respondents owned a new bike, while 35% owned a used bike. 89% of the respondents reported owning a locally manufactured bike, while 5% of the respondents owned an imported bike. The most important aspect for respondents owning bikes was their vehicle's fuel efficiency, followed by safety and comfort. Interestingly, their bike's resale value played a minor role in their decision-making process.

According to the Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018, Honda Civic has won the prestigious Car of the Year Award.

The Bike of the Year Award, according to the Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018 goes to Suzuki GD 110S.

Unlike previous years, this year, PakWheels introduced a new category in this survey - SUV of the Year and Automobile Industry Survey Report 2018 winner in this category is TOYOTA FORTUNER.

The survey has an upcoming/new car brands category for which 19% of the respondents showed excitement for Hyundai cars. Hyundai was followed by Kia, Volkswagen, and others. Only 2% of the respondents showed interest in Proton.

In the auto financing banks category, 71% of the respondents preferred conventional auto financing and only 29% preferred Islamic auto financing. For the former, 15% of the respondents preferred Bank AlFalah. For the latter, 42% preferred Meezan Bank.

The survey breaks down respondents Fuel brand preferences into two categories - Standard Fuels and Premium Fuels. In the former category, PSO was preferred by 35%, followed by Total (27%) and Shell (23%). In the latter category, PSO was preferred by 33%, Total by 26% and Shell by 26%. So, all in all, survey respondents preferred PSO in both categories for one main reason – Quality. When asked why they preferred PSO over its competitors, more than 30% of the car and bike owners responded that they preferred PSO for its quality.

According to the survey, 55% of the respondents prefer motor oil from Zic, Shell, Toyota Oil, and Caltex. The further breakup of the survey results in this category is as follows: 20% preferred Zic; 15% preferred Shell, while 10% preferred Toyota Oil.

In the Best Local Tyre Manufacturing company category, General Tyres was the preferred choice of the survey respondents. However, overall this segment was dominated by Yokohama and Dunlop at 21% and 20% respectively. General Tyres came at 16%.

In the Best Car Insurance company category, EFU was the clear winner at 19%, followed by Adamjee and TPL at 13% and 12% respectively. Jubilee insurance came at 10%, while IGI came at 5%.

TPL Trakker was the Best Car Tracker Company, according to the survey. 26% of this segment was dominated by TPL Trakker, followed by Falcon-1 at 15% and Tracking World at 6%.

In the batteries segment, 49% of the respondents preferred buying AGS battery over its competitors like Exide (17%) and Osaka (11%). All in all, 77% of the respondents preferred these three batteries over other brands like Volta, Phoenix, and others. would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners and thank all the men and women who participated in this survey. Furthermore, would like to congratulate all the winners in this survey. In the end, promises to bring more insights into Pakistan's auto industry with automobile industry surveys in the future as well.

To view the complete report and full list of award winners, click on the following link:

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