LAHORE: A unique book on IT, “Branding through Digital Marketing” was launched at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. LCCI President Kashif Anwar praised the author, Abdul Wahab, who is also the convener of the Lahore Chamber’s IT Infrastructure, Development, and Training Committee, for writing this book on the subject.

Kashif Anwar stated that there is immense potential in the IT sector in the country, and this book will provide comprehensive knowledge about digital marketing to the youth. The Lahore Chamber President mentioned that educated young people are currently worried about employment and jobs, and IT is the one sector that has the capacity to provide them with employment.

He noted that young people are currently looking to leave the country, but they should go abroad and send foreign exchange back to the country, without forgetting their homeland. Kashif Anwar highlighted that freelancers are facing significant challenges, the biggest being bringing dollars into the country. He urged the government to create more facilities for those who earn foreign exchange and bring it into the country to attract more dollars.

The Lahore Chamber President praised the author, Abdul Wahab, for his outstanding work in the IT Standing Committee at the Lahore Chamber. The Lahore Chamber organized the first-ever awards ceremony for freelancers in the country, in which Abdul Wahab and his team played a crucial role. The President extended his best wishes to him.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Wahab stated that the book will be very beneficial for young people entering the IT field, providing them with complete knowledge about digital marketing. He said the biggest issue for manufacturers in the country is that they have not put their products online and are not focusing on branding domestic products, partly due to a lack of information. However, this book will help address this and other similar issues. Mudassir Naeem, Imad Malik, Raja Waseem, and other participants also shared their thoughts on the occasion.

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