Bill opposing dual nationality for judges tabled in NA Secretariat

  • Lawmaker Noor Alam Khan moves the bill seeking amendments to Constitutional Article 177
Published May 21, 2024

A bill opposing judges holding dual nationality has been tabled at the National Assembly Secretariat, Aaj News reported Tuesday.

The development comes days after the Islamabad High Court slammed a ‘malicious’ social media campaign against Islamabad High Court Justice Babar Sattar.

In a statement uploaded on the IHC website, it stated that as part of the malicious campaign over allegations of dual nationality, the confidential information was posted and reposted on social media, including travel documents of the Hon’ble Judge, his wife, and children, accompanied by untruthful and malignant allegations, and details of his properties provided in his tax returns.

IHC says malicious campaign being run against Justice Sattar

Lawmaker Noor Alam Khan moved the bill, seeking amendments to Constitutional articles 177 (appointment of Supreme Court judges), 193 (appointment of High Court judges), and 208 (officers and servants of courts).

As the amendment bill states, judges must “ensure loyalty to the state under the Constitution.”

As per the proposed law, judges with dual citizenship will be barred from becoming judges in the superior judiciary to ensure their allegiance to Pakistan.

Moreover, the bill states that dual nationality poses a threat to the interests of both countries, citing that judges should show their loyalty to the Constitution.


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Ahmad May 21, 2024 05:30pm
Why only judges, why not include all Govt. employees?
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KU May 21, 2024 05:46pm
Dual nationality is also banned for bureaucrats n politicians, it's estimated that over 100k govt servants are dual national. Perhaps this needs action as well n attempt be made to implement honesty.
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