HABIBMETRO organised its Economic Insights Treasury Roadshow: ‘Changing Dynamics of Pakistan’s Economy Amidst a Global Perspective’ with informative sessions held in Faisalabad, Multan and Lahore.

As Pakistan’s leading trade finance bank, HABIBMETRO said it is dedicated to facilitating trade businesses across the country. The seminars aimed to assist key trade industry professionals and decision-makers in addressing economic challenges and provided a platform for discussions on Pakistan’s economic recovery within the global trade context.

“HABIBMETRO’s role as a leading trade finance bank underscores our commitment to fostering financial intermediation, and catalyzing trade and economic growth in Pakistan. With this roadshow, we aim to equip our clients with expert insights, enrich their understanding of the evolving economic landscape, and foster constructive dialogue,” said Khurram Shahzad Khan, President and CEO of HABIBMETRO.

Renowned economist Sakib Sherani shared his expert analysis on the economy and offered insights on the path to economic recovery, highlighting Pakistan’s progress towards gradual macroeconomic stability.

“An expected IMF arrangement in the coming months will unlock additional bilateral and multilateral financing opportunities, likely stabilizing the external account. This will support exchange rate stability and reinforce anticipated disinflationary trends in the economy,” said Sherani.

Syed Ali Sultan, Group CEO of Global Financial Institutions at Habib Bank AG Zurich, shared his expert insights on the evolving global economic landscape.

“The shifting global economic environment, marked by ongoing conflicts, presents new challenges. It is crucial for stakeholders at all levels to understand and adapt to these changes,” said Sultan.

“Habib Bank AG Zurich (HBZ) has played a vital role in supporting Pakistan’s trade during these difficult times. We believe Pakistan is moving towards gradual stability, and through HABIBMETRO, our franchise in Pakistan, HBZ will continue to serve as a responsible financial intermediary.”

The HABIBMETRO Economic Insights Treasury Roadshow was well-received by key businessmen and decision-makers of the country, and concluded in Lahore on May 15, 2024.

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