ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lambasted the government on Monday for creating a situation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) similar to that of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Speaking at a presser, PTI spokesman Raoof Hasan and ex-AJK PM Abdul Qayyum Niazi, strongly condemned the killing of civilians in violent clashes in AJK and demanded a probe into the tragic incidents to identify the culprits.

Hasan demanded the immediate resignation of the AJK government, citing horse-trading and floor crossing.

He said that PTI was deeply concerned about the fast deteriorating situation in AJK and the governments being bereft of credibility, capacity and public mandate were creating a situation in AJK similar to the IIOJK.

He said the governments in the centre and Kashmir were pursuing the policy of Narendra Modi of using unbridled force against peaceful protesters seeking fundamental and basic rights, which was condemnable and shameful.

He contended that the governments lacking credibility, capacity and public support have become a disaster for the country and the nation.

The spokesperson stated that the use of extra-constitutional power and a dictatorial style of governance were becoming a major cause of conflict and chaos in the entire society.

He said that in civilized democratic societies, governments hammered out solutions to problems in the light of public opinions instead of trying to crush and suppress them through the use of force.

He urged that the state government should seriously analyse the real motives of the public protest and recognise the legitimate demands of the people of Kashmir instead of further worsening the situation by resorting to lawlessness and violence.

He stated that the people should make the democratic right of peaceful protest their strength rather than leaning towards confrontation and violence.

Hasan stressed the need that public mandate and the rule of law should be made the basis of the country's system in preference to the horse-trading or Form 47.

The former AJK prime minister Abdul Qayyum Niazi demanded that the prime minister AJK should resign instantly and fresh elections should be announced forthwith.

He said that 40,000 people have taken to the streets and protests have continued over the last three days but their legitimate demands are not being accepted which is shameful.

He said that the puppet regime imposed through regime change conspiracy did not work, rather it compounded the public miseries manifolds during the past years.

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