ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has approved Rs4.861 billion technical supplementary grant (TSG) for employees and non-employees related expenditure of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

Sources said that the ECC meeting presided over by the finance minister dated 7th May 2024 was submitted a summary by the PAEC, wherein, it said that the allocated budget for current expenditure was insufficient to meet its expenditure.

The meeting was told that it has been allocated a budget grant of Rs16,633.495 million for fiscal year 2023-24 on account of current expenditure against its requirement of Rs23,670.700 million.

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Accordingly, a case for supplementary grant was initiated by the PAEC through Strategic Plans Division (SPD) for additional financial support of Rs7,037.205 million to meet the shortfall in employees-related expenditure (ERE) and Non-ERE.

However, the Finance Division maintained that it approved TSG and not supplementary grant of Rs4.8 billion.

The ECC meeting was informed that the prime minister, being Minister-In-charge of PAEC has seen and approved the placement of the matter before ECC of the Cabinet for its consideration with stipulation that the Finance Division shall add its view.

Thus, consultation with Finance Division has, accordingly, been held and Ministry of Finance agreed to provide the funds of Rs4,861.558 million through TSG.

The meeting was informed that requested funds are Rs970.837 million Ad-hoc Relief Allowance (ARA) 2023, Rs3.130.244 billion for pension/employees’ retirement benefits, and Rs760.477 million for Standard Infantry Battalion (SIB), deployed by SPD at PINSTECH.

The ECC was requested for approval for provision of supplementary grant of Rs4,861.558 million as agreed by the Finance Division

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Finance Minister is PAEC a "strategic state-owned enterprises" ?
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