LAHORE: Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (Punjab Zone) strongly denies reports that the government has refused to allow sugar mills to export sugar exceeding its domestic requirement.

In a statement, the spokesman said that after contacting the officials of the Ministry of Industry and Production, it was revealed that they have not released any such news.

The data submitted to the ministry has established that the country currently has 1.5 million tonnes of surplus sugar and the government should take a decision to export it soon. In recent meetings with the Ministry of Industry and Production, data regarding sugar production and domestic requirements have been reconciled. Much progress was made on sugar exports.

PSMA seeks permission to export ‘expensively produced’ sugar

It is most likely that a positive decision on sugar exports will be taken in this week.

There are some vested interests behind creating a negative impression on sugar exports. Spreading such news by using the name of Ministry of Production sources is a deliberate conspiracy against a major domestic industry.

The spokesman further said that the news of not allowing the export of sugar is untrue and it is motivated by some unscrupulous elements consisting of speculators and hoarders to manipulate sugar prices. Strict action against them was taken in the past and again governmental follow-up action is needed to protect the rights of consumers.

The Sugar industry also strongly appeals and requests the media to invariably take version of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) on sugar related news so that the country’s economy can be saved from the damage caused by these vested interests through fake news.

The sugar industry resolves that it will continue playing its positive role for the betterment of our national economy.


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Mubashir Munir Apr 30, 2024 01:52pm
Why they hide facts from public , please allow 5 lakh tons for export and keep check of export
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