ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Salman Akram Raja said on Tuesday that “if someone thinks that the country could be governed through a viceroy, he is mistaken and groping in the dark”.

Speaking at a presser along other members of PTI founding chairman Imran Khan’s legal team, he said it point-blank: “If you think this country could be run through a viceroy, and people like Mohsin Naqvi and other puppets could run the government, it is not going to work”.

“Scare us, threaten us or abduct us, the people of Pakistan will not accept any dictator nor a viceroy,” he declared.

The regime change operation has failed, he added, it is time to respect the will of the people, which they announced through their right to franchise on February 8.

He said that the time to rule the country through a mini-martial is over as people of the country know their rights, adding the people who gave their verdict on Feb 8 election could not be managed through intimidation by a viceroy and puppet rulers.

“Such things could be helpful to prolong one’s dictatorial rule, but it’s not good for the country. You might scare and pick me up but someone else will emerge within no time [and] you cannot silence all the people at gun point,” he maintained.

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Pakistani1 Apr 11, 2024 11:54am
PTI a collection of people who always say one thing and do another!
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