KARACHI: Expressing grave concern on spiralling incidents of kidnapping for ransom in rural areas and street crime in urban areas of Sindh, Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Sunday said the worsening law and order is now going to affect our economy also.

He said dacoits in the Katcha areas are equipped with modern military weapons and updated communication systems. They have a vast network, presumably their informers present in every police station. He said corrupt police are not willing to purge its ranks and files from these black sheep.

He said in the urban areas, street criminals roam freely. They kill citizens on slight resistance. They are not afraid of police and other law enforcers.

He said the rangers are present in the province but even then the crime graph in both urban and rural areas is on the rise. He alleged the provincial government of Sindh is a complete failure when it is a matter of law and order, as its main concern is what he called lucrative kickbacks and commission in big contracts.

Altaf Shakoor said that now our highways are not safe and the bandits loot both passenger and goods transport frequently. This would certainly affect our economy.

He said that sophisticated military-type weapons are being provided to the dacoits in the Katcha areas of Sindh by spy agencies of the neighbouring enemy countries, but our own security apparatus has so far been unable to break the nexus of dacoits and the Indian secret agents.

He said this is a grave concern affecting not only our internal security but our economy also and the State should take a strong notice of it and deploy an army in the Katcha areas and beef up rangers’ presence in urban areas to bust the criminal gangs.

He said the Sindh police lack both courage and capacity to overpower these criminals and our army should actively assist them.

He requested the chief of army staff Gen Syed Asim Munir to take notice of the situation and do the needful to save Sindh from dangerously growing activities of the criminal gangs in the rural and urban areas of Sindh province.

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