ISLAMABAD: The capital city recorded a significant increase in incidents of car lifting, motorbike theft, and mobile phone snatching during the last week, as over 83 carjacking and over 48 cases of mobile phone and cash snatching were reported to its various police stations.

According to the data gathered by Business Recorder, 29 cases of various kinds of thefts including robbery and snatching of cash at gunpoint were reported. The 83 cases of carjacking included 74 two-wheelers and nine cars. In the same period, criminal gangs were most active within the limits of Karachi Company, Kohsar, Aabpara, Khanna, Sumbal and Noon police stations.

During the period under review, carjackers stole two cars and two motorbikes from the limits of Aabpara police station, seven motorbikes and one car from the jurisdiction of Karachi Company police station, seven bikes, and one car from limits of Ramna police station and another six bikes and one car from the jurisdiction of Kohsar police station.

Furthermore, seven incidents of auto thefts were reported to Industrial Area police station, six carjacking incidents registered with Khanna and five bikes and one car were stolen from the limits of Shehzad Town police station.

Similarly, armed persons snatched eight mobile phones as well as cash. Robbers struck at two places and auto thieves stole eight vehicles from the limits of Karachi Company police station during the last week.

During the period under review over nine incidents of mobile snatching and seven vehicles were stolen from the jurisdiction of Kohsar police station. In the same period, Aabpara police station registered three cases of theft, three cases of mobile snatching, and eight cases of carjacking, Khanna police station registered six cases of car theft and four cases each of mobile phone snatching and robbery and Sumbal police station five cases of mobile snatching and four cases each of robbery and auto theft.

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