ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Friday directed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan to expedite relief and rehabilitation efforts in the flood-hit Gwadar before emergence of a major humanitarian crisis in the province.

The directives were issued by Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Mohammad Afridi, who was presiding over the Senate session, as various senators raised alarm over the situation in the aftermath of the worst floods that hit Gwadar.

Speaking on the matter of public interest, National Party (NP)’s Senator Tahir Bizinjo notice raised the issue of calamity-hit Gwadar which has been recently ravaged by torrential rains.

He said that the coastal areas of the country, particularly Balochistan have been badly impacted by the recent heavy rains and left Gwadar submerged under rainwater including houses, businesses, public property, and infrastructure.

He alleged that the relief and rehabilitation efforts are slow and accused the NDMA, PDMA Balochistan, and the district administration of Gwadar of poor performance and conduct in the flood-hit area.

He also raised concerns pertaining to the alleged looting of relief money and relief items destined to be sent to the flood victims of Gwadar, adding that following the reports relief assistance may not reach the genuine victims.

He said that there is already a shortage of food items leading to epidemics break out in the areas affected by the fresh floods.

He demanded the quarters concerned to ensure the provision of relief items to the affected population and make proper measures in this regard.

In his response, the Senate deputy chairman said that Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani also informed him via phone call about massive rainfall in Chaghi and directed the PDMA Balochistan and the NDMA to make necessary arrangements and ensure proper efforts to assist Gwadar flood victims.

Various other senators, particularly from Balochistan also spoke on the issue and urged the relevant institutions to undertake proper measures to avert any humanitarian disaster.

Meanwhile, caretaker Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi bid farewell to the Upper House of the Parliament after receiving acclaim from the Deputy to Chairman Senate on behalf of the House for his cooperation.

Solangi requested the Chair to defer the question hour session for the next meeting so that the upcoming minister could take up the queries of the Senator after the new government is formed.

He said the prime minister’s election was going to be held on Sunday and the new government would be formed consequently. He added that the House should take up its question hour in the next session and let the forthcoming minister for parliamentary affairs to respond to the queries of the Senators.

Upon this, Deputy Chairman SenateMirza Mohammad Afridi extended his gratitude to the caretaker minister for his cooperation and deferred the question hour for the next session of the House.

Earlier, Senator Bahramand Khan Tangi of PPP in his supplementary query to his question pertaining to the audit of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) raised his concern over the reply provided by the minister.

He said that he had sought the details of the audit of WAPDA, whereas, some 557 observations were raised in the audit report but no details pertaining to the nature of objections made and any action made against them were provided.

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