KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 143,459 tonnes of cargo comprising 88,294 tonnes of import cargo and 55,165 tonnes of export cargo during last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours.

The total import cargo of 88,294 comprised of 42,693 tonnes of Containerized Cargo,11,542 tonnes of Bulk Cargo, 20,443 tonnes of Wheat & 13,616 tonnes of Liquid Cargo.

The total export Cargo of 55,165 comprised of 38,924 tonnes of Containerized Cargo, 369 tonnes of Bulk Cargo, 8,872 tonnes of Clinkers & 7,000 tonnes of Oil & Liquid Cargo.

Nearly, 6172 containers comprising of 3200 containers import and 2972 containers export were handled on Thursday.

The break-up of imported containers shows 603 of 20’s and 1186 of 40’s loaded while 03 of 20’s and 111 of 40’s empty containers, whereas that of exported containers shows 761 of 20’s and 847 of 40’s loaded containers while 47 of 20’s and 235 of 40’s empty containers were handled during the business hours.

Around, 08 ships namely, Hyundai Jakarta, Rigel, Borkum, Sea Ambition, Sea Ambition, Wan Hai 627, Niledutuch Lion & Ince Ege berthed at Karachi Port Trust.

Approximately, Olympia, Banglar Agradoot, Yi Hui Xin Hai, MT Shalamar, Borkum, Eagle, Navios Lapis & Hyundai Kakarta sailed off from Karachi Port Trust.


A total of eleven ships were engaged at PQA berths during the last 24 hours, out of them two shops, Marathapolis and MSC London left the port in the morning and three more ships, Chemroad Aqua, Sunny Bay and Clemenet Schulte are expected to sail at afternoon.

Cargo volume of 124,630 tonnes, comprising 90,062 tonnes imports cargo and 34,568 tonnes export cargo, including containerized cargo carried in 1,805 Containers (1,096 TEUs Imports and 709 TEUs export) was handled at the port during last 24 hours.

There are 12ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, out of them three ships, Maritime Gisela, Al-Fuwairit and African Baza & two more ships APL Qingdao and scheduled Clements Schulte scheduled to load/offload Palm oil, LNG, Coal and Containers are expected to take berth LCT, EETL, PIBT and QICT on Thursday,29th February and another Containers ship Addison is due to arrive at Port Qasim on Friday, March 1st 2024.

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