Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Tuesday that the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) did not even convince his party to vote for its premiership candidate.

He made these remarks while addressing media outside the Supreme Court.

Bilawal said the SIC, which is now home to PTI-backed independent candidates, helped Maryam Nawaz get elected unopposed in Punjab and did not oppose the election of Murad Ali Shah in Sindh either.

The PPP chairman said the party decided to cast their vote in favour of those who actively sought their support for the prime ministerial election.

"Given that the SIC chose not to reach out to us for our vote, we had no choice but to grant an opportunity to those who did approach us [PML-N]," he remarked, underscoring that the PPP intends to utilise parliamentary channels to contribute to the improvement of system.

Bilawal highlighted that the SIC lacked the authority to challenge the government's formation, as they were not in a position to form a government in any situation.

Bilawal said Asif Ali Zardari would select provincial governors once he becomes president.

“PPP’s stance is that after Asif Zardari has taken oath as president,, he will shortlist the governors. The process has not even begun yet,” he added.

To a question about President Arif Alvi's decision against summoning the National Assembly (NA) session, the PPP chairman said he foresees the head of the state facing multiple cases for violating the Constitution.

"President Arif Alvi may face at least two cases for violating the Constitution. One for dissolving the National Assembly after the vote of no confidence [against former prime minister Imran Khan] and another for refusing to call NA session as per the Constitution," he said.


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