ISLAMABAD: Jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday claimed victory in the country’s general election in an audio-visual message created using artificial intelligence and shared on his X social media account.

In the message, Khan rejected rival Nawaz Sharif’s earlier claim to victory. He called on his supporters to celebrate a win that was achieved despite what he calls a crackdown on his party.

“My Pakistanis! You laid the foundation of real independence by casting your vote yesterday (Thursday), for which I congratulate you on winning the general election 2024”, he added.

PTI urges masses to cast their votes in great numbers

He said that he had full faith in his people that you would come to cast your votes, and “you came up to my expectations and your massive turnout stunned everyone”.

“London Plan has failed due to your votes. Nawaz Sharif is cheap man who, made a victory speech despite being behind by 30 seats. No Pakistani is going to accept this and international media is also criticizing this stupidity,” he added.

According independent sources, he added, PTI was going to win on 150 National Assembly seats before the rigging started, abd this time, we are going to win on over 170 NA seats as per form 45 data. “My Pakistanis! You all made history. I am proud of you. I am grateful to Allah almighty who made us a nation. Now, no one can stop us from flying high,” he added.

“And finally you must not afraid. Celebrate the victory and offer thanksgiving prayers. Despite two years fascism, we have won 2024 elections with two-thirds majority. They all have seen the power of your vote, and now you ensure how to protect your vote”, he concluded.

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