ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday called for nationwide protests on Sunday after the Adiala Jail superintendent barred him from talking to the media under the pretext of addressing him in an informal manner by using Urdu word, “tum (you)”.

The jail superintendent asked the journalists covering the controversial cypher proceedings to go out of the courtroom, saying “a trial is going here and it is not meant for a political chitchat”, which angered the former prime minister.

Khan lambasted the jail superintendent, saying talking to journalists was his constitutional right and he could not stop him from talking to the media, but the official remained adamant for reasons best known to him.

“I’m not listening to you and I’ll speak to the media,” said a visibly angered Khan, but a stubborn jail superintendent forced the media persons out without allowing them to talk to the jailed ex-premier, leaving him with no option but to say: Tell my workers to take to the streets on Sunday.

Earlier, during an informal talk with journalists, Khan said that his government was dubbed “selected” for three years, but what we are seeing today is “the mother of all selection”.

“All the open and shut corruption cases against Nawaz Sharif were closed and the administration as well as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are helping out the Sharifs, who are certified money launderers,” he maintained.

Talking to the journalists outside the prison, Aleema Khan, the sister of Imran Khan, said what to talk of others if this remained the attitude of a tiny jail official with a former prime minister.

She said the sole objection of the jail superintendent was that the former prime minister addressed him by calling him “tum” which he said was disrespectful.

She also lamented that the apex court was yet to take up a bail plea pending for the last three weeks, which was nothing but an injustice.

“I would like to request Justice Isa to take up the matter and allow the former prime minister to take part in elections,” she added.

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