ISLAMABAD: The chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Gohar Ali Khan on Friday warned that if the most popular political party – the PTI – is kept away from Feb 08 general elections, the world would never accept such dubious polls and a flawed democracy.

Speaking at a presser here, he said that if the election symbol is withdrawn from PTI, which would deprive it of its reserve seats, would make the elections controversial and such polls would not be acknowledged by the world.

“You will become a laughing stock before the whole world if you failed to ensure a level playing field for the PTI which is the largest and the most popular political party in the country,” he maintained.

He said that the PTI has issued tickets to 835 candidates for the elections to be held in five legislatures of the country, and if such a number of candidates are forced to contest elections independently, such polls would have no importance at all.

“Withdrawing the electoral symbol from PTI is depriving it of its reserve seats, and it would be injustice if the party’s plea to restore its iconic election symbol is snatched from it,” he added.

However, he expressed optimism that the Supreme Court of Pakistan – which is set to conclude the hearing on a petition filed against Peshawar High Court’s decision by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) – would do justice with the party with regard its electoral symbol.

“Irrespective of the apex court’s observations, it is the constitutional duty of the top court that it will strengthen democracy by exposing those conspiring against the system and will ensure a level playing field to all the political parties and will uphold the PHC’s decision,” he declared.

He said that a political party could not contest an election if it does not have an election symbol, about which there are numerous verdicts of the apex court whether it is general elections or the local body elections in the country.

He threw a challenge to his party’s opponents by saying “you are going out of crease while playing and the umpire is with you, but you are destined to face a humiliating defeat in Feb 08 elections.”

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Parvez Jan 13, 2024 01:42pm
If the world has accepted the election in Bangladesh and many other such elections why will it bother not to accept another farcical election done in the name of " upholding democracy "..... especially when it suits their purpose.
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