That Israel has been violating the terms of its truce with Hamas is a grim reality that has found its best expression in the words of spokesperson for Gaza’s Ministry of Health, who has invited world’s attention to the fact that hundreds of people need to receive treatment in hospitals outside the bombarded territory.

He has pointed out that Israel controls the path of medical aid entering Gaza and the volume of medical aid hospital hasn’t reached the desired level because the Israeli forces are obstructing the inward flows of medical aid.

Moreover, the Israeli troops are not allowing the evacuation of hundreds of wounded people out of the Gaza Strip, rendering the healthcare system in the Strip in absolute disarray.

Needless to say, there is a strong feeling of doom and gloom among Palestinians across Gaza and in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. But it is heartening to note that Italy and the UAE are mulling setting up a field hospital, and Italy has already shipped humanitarian materials to the region aboard two planes and a navy ship is expected to dock in the Egyptian port of Al Arish on Dec 3.

The fact that the besieged Gazans need the required humanitarian assistance cannot be over-emphasized.

In the meantime, I would request the government of Pakistan, which has already sent a couple of relief consignments to Gaza, to set up a field hospital manned by qualified professionals, particularly those who have already dealt with a good number of trauma cases at home or elsewhere, in view of the fact that the number of people with broken limbs among all the patients is very high.

Last but not least, how painful it is that hospitals in Gaza have been repeatedly bombed by Israeli war-planes.

Hamid al-Badawi, Dubai, UAE

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