ISLAMABAD: Deputy Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and candidate for National Assembly NA-46, Mian Aslam has asked the people to reject those are responsible for inflation, poverty and unemployment through power of their vote on February 8 2024

While addressing gatherings at various union councils of the federal capital, Aslam said that the upcoming election will be a battle between the forces of truth and falsehood.

He expressed the hope that this will be the last election for ‘enemies of the poor’. He said that the people on February 8 2024 would reject through their vote those who have been responsible for the poverty in the country, inflation, unemployment and gas and power-shedding. He deplored that the people have been forced to commit suicides due to rising inflation in the country. There is a need for people to support the candidate of JI in order to solve their problems.

He said that the next election will determine the future of the nation and urged that the people to rise above the politic of tribe, etc., and cast their votes in support of honest leadership in order to secure their own future and the future of the new generation. He added that people need not to cast vote once again in support of ‘thieves and looters’ who had taken the country to the verge of default.

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