“So a perceived Bad Man delivered what The Avid Supporter couldn’t!” “You referring to ‘good to see you’ versus…” “All I am saying is that irrespective of history if an individual can fill The Boots…”

“Boots one may receive due to seniority or selection?”

“If seniority then one doesn’t owe anyone any favours while the selector may think he has conferred a favour though the Selectee may consider his selection was on merit.”

“And once The Boots fit well…”

“Pakistani made boots take a while to fit well, I mean one has to break the boots in.”

“Agreed, the erstwhile decision makers have retired and as Zardari sahib said politicians do not retire…”

“That statement led to Zardari sahib being away from the country for two to three years if I recall.”

“Yes, but his politics continued while I ask you where are those who were the decision-makers less than a year ago?”

“I believe they are enjoying retirement though those they supported are in jail.”

“Oh dear so when The Boots are taken off, one may regret no longer being able to play power games yet enjoy retirement to some extent but if a politician’s Boot doesn’t promptly guide him out of the country when no longer in power, the boot may well land him in jail so I ask you…”

“Hmmm, so the Chief Election Commissioner wearing his boots had to eat humble pie and call on the President to discuss the election date, after the President refused his offer to send the Secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan.”

“Indeed, see how the mighty have fallen.”

“The mighty was once tiny – remember when The Man Who Must Remain Nameless referred to him as the man with no self-respect…”

“Don’t forget the President sent a reference to the Judicial Commission against the man who is now the chief justice of this country…a reference that originated from the office of The Man Who Must Remain Nameless.”

“Have any lessons been learned anywhere?”

“You and I have further proof of a lesson we learned decades ago: not to write off anyone in any institution, irrespective of an approaching retirement age…”

“Right a Bad Man of today maybe an Honest Man of Tomorrow.

“That would make him eligible for parliament right – sadiq (honest).”

“Honest in spirit and if one cannot be honest in spirit then I suggest adding Sadiq as the middle name and why are you laughing?”

“I reckon most parliamentarians would have Sadiq as their middle name.”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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PT Nov 04, 2023 12:15pm
The Election commissioner has violated the constitution of Pakistan he should be put in jail along with his sponsors!
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