KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 156,655 tonnes of cargo comprising 83,934 tonnes of import cargo and 72,721 tonnes of export cargo during last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours.

The total import cargo of 83,934 comprised of 25,763 tonnes of Containerized Cargo, 2,725 tonnes of Chickpeas, 14,050 tonnes of DAP, 15,334 tonnes of Rock Phosphate, 16,912 tonnes of Wheat & 9,150 tonnes of Oil & Liquid Cargo.

The total export Cargo of 72,721 comprised of 64,221 tonnes of Containerized Cargo & 8,500 tonnes of Oil & Liquid Cargo.

Nearly, 5634 containers comprising of 1968 containers import and 3666 containers export were handled on Thursday.

The break-up of imported containers shows 234 of 20’s and 865 of 40’s loaded while 00 of 20’s and 02 of 40’s empty containers, whereas that of exported containers shows 1426 of 20’s and 877 of 40’s loaded containers while 02 of 20’s and 242 of 40’s empty containers were handled during the business hours.

Around, 05 ships namely Ym Excellence, Ashico Victoria, Amalia, Msc Jemima & Magnum Energy berthed at Karachi Port Trust.

Approximately, 04 ships namely, Gsl Elizabeth, Safeen Prime, MT Shalamar and Ren Jian 25 Sailed off from Karachi Port Trust.


A total of twelve ships were engaged at PQA berths during the last 24 hours, out of them three ships, X-Press Bardsey, MSC Tianping and Lisa left the Port on today morning, while three more ships, Chemroute Oasis, Kenzen and Khairpur are expected to sail on today afternoon.

Cargo volume of 217,691 tonnes, comprising 169,046 tonnes imports cargo and 48,645 tonnes export cargo carried in 3,569 Containers (877 TEUs Imports and 2,692 TEUs export) was handled at the port during last 24 hours.

There are fourteen ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, out of them four ships, Nakhal Silver, Energy Achilles, PVT Flora and MSC Donata & two more ships, APL Southampton and Onyx carrying Palm oil, Gas oil, Chemicals and Containers are expected to take berths at Liquid Terminal, Oil Terminal, Engro Terminal and Container Terminal respectively on today, 2nd November, Meanwhile another containers ship, Al-Safat is due to arrive at Port Qasim on Friday, 3rd November, 2023.

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