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AdAsia 2023 Seoul: Messages from SARMAD ALI President IAA Pakistan Chapter &Director Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA)

TEXT: In 1958, the very first AdAsia took its maidensteps, initiated by President Hideo Yoshida ofDentsu Inc., with ...
Published October 26, 2023

TEXT: In 1958, the very first AdAsia took its maiden steps, initiated by President Hideo Yoshida ofDentsu Inc., with a vision to celebrate the ever-evolving world of advertising. Over the decades, it has grown into the largest advertising Congress in Asia. It has transcended borders,and every two years, it comes to life in a new host city, offering a panoramic view of the advertising landscape in Asia. This year, the torch has been passed to the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea.

AdAsia Korea 2023 promises to be a spectacular journey into the heart of the advertising universe. Under the auspices of theAsian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA), this monumental event will gather the brightest minds, creatives, and innovators from the advertising world.

In our ever-changing world, the theme of AdAsia is decided by the host country to explore the intricate issue of cross-regional marketing communications. This year’s theme,Transform, Play, and Connect, highlights the new reality that advertising in the digital era is not about how to ‘sell’ but how to make consumers‘enjoy’, thus connecting the world together. Getready to witness the transformational power of ideas and strategies that know no limits.

Pakistan has had the honor of hosting AdAsia twice, the latest one in 2019 in Lahore.With speakers like Sir Martin Sorrell, RichardQuest, Randi Zuckerberg and Fernando Machado,amongst others, AdAsia Lahore 2019 was animmense success that is still talked about in theadvertising fraternity. The same is expected of AdAsia Korea 2023 as it will be a melting pot of insights, innovation, and inspiration. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where ideas, creativity, and technology convergeto shape the future of advertising.

As the member of AFAA Ex Com, I amdelighted to extend my warmest wishes to AdAsia Korea 2023. It is an opportunity to celebrate the past, embrace the present, and imagine the future of advertising.

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