OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: The Israeli army announced plans to evacuate the northern city of Kiryat Shmona on Friday, after days of clashes with Hezbollah along the border with Lebanon.

“A short while ago, the Northern Command informed the mayor of the city of the decision. The plan will be managed by the local authority, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Defence,” the military said in a statement.

Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah and allied Palestinian factions have traded cross-border fire with Israel for days.

More than 3,700 Palestinians, mainly civilians, have been killed across the Gaza Strip in retaliatory Israeli bombardments, according to the figures from its Hamas-run health ministry.

Israel’s military said its forces continued to target Hezbollah targets as tensions grew along the border.

Lebanon-Israel border clashes escalate, 5 Hezbollah fighters killed

“The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) carried out a number of attacks against Hezbollah infrastructure, including observation posts,” the army said early Friday.

“In addition, IDF fighter jets struck three terrorists who attempted to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israel.”

Israeli authorities have been steadily evacuating communities across the northern frontier, as reservists and columns of tanks and armoured vehicles poured into the area.


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KU Oct 20, 2023 02:30pm
Very similar to Hitler's orders to remove and evacuate all Jews from Germany during the 1940's, and during their removal, thousands were killed. How is this genocide of Palestinians different?
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Builder Oct 20, 2023 06:30pm
@KU the butcher of Israel aka Netanyahu needs to have psychiatric evaluation as he is taking holocaust revenge from Palestinians instead of germans.
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TidBit Oct 20, 2023 08:41pm
@Builder, yes Bibi is a butcher. But why arent arabs countries helping our Palestine brother. Why has egypt and jordon closed their borders. Why has a single umma country welcomed even a single Palestine refugee. including our country Bibi is a butcher, but why are the rest of the Muslims countries not helping those who are getting butchered. Instead egypt and jordan closed their gates. Think about it.
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