LAHORE: The Leader of the House in Senate and former Federal Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar said on Wednesday that the plan to bankrupt the country could not succeed due to the tireless efforts of the coalition government in the recent past.

“Due to the measures taken by the coalition government, the country's economy is improving, and the rupee is stabilizing against the dollar,” Dar said during a meeting with the Punjab Governor, Muhammad Balighur Rehman here at the Governor House today. In the meeting country's economic and current political situation, were discussed in detail.

Ishaq Dar said that the PML-N supremo, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, is coming to Pakistan on October 21 and his return bodes well for the country’s progress and prosperity. “Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had played an effective role in bringing the country out of crisis in the past, and he will once again put the country on the path of development,” Dar added.

The governor said that during the period of Muslim League (N), the country witnessed exemplary development in the fields of infrastructure, education and health, as motorways, hospitals and universities were established across the country.

He said that the return of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on October 21 is a ray of hope for the people who are hopeful that Nawaz Sharif would once again steer the country out of crisis.

Governor said that history is a witness that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif always served the country and led the country on the path to development with his vision.

Appreciating the services of Ishaq Dar as the former Federal Finance Minister, the governor said that the former finance minister stabilized the economy in every difficult time and put it on the right track. “In the recent past, Ishaq Dar's efforts with Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his team to save the country from default remained successful. With the help of an experienced team, he not only saved the country from default but also set the economy in the right direction,” the governor added.

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