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Major tax drive initiated against defaulters

  • Tax evaders include owners of commercial properties, factories, mills, wholesalers, real estate players, and traders
Published September 10, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a massive recovery drive against tax defaulters in all major cities of the country.

Sources told Business Recorder that the FBR has taken the decision at the highest level to recover outstanding dues against the tax defaulters under the enforcement exercise of the FBR.

In this regard, the FBR has compiled a list of nearly 11,000 tax defaulters and communicated the names to the relevant tax jurisdictions and field offices for initiation of recovery proceedings under the relevant provisions of the law.

PM lays focus on tax reforms, sell-off process

The tax defaulters, belonging to the areas of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan, included industrial units, factories/mills owners, wholesalers, property dealers and traders. The FBR will complete all legal formalities before taking extreme action like arrests of the tax defaulters and opportunity would be provided to respond to the notices served on them.

The FBR has already initiated recovery proceedings against super-rich people, who were reluctant to pay Capital Value Tax (CVT) to the tune of Rs3 billion on their foreign assets held abroad. The board has adopted coercive measures against these super-rich individuals who failed to pay CVT on foreign assets. The FBR has issued orders against 200 rich people after their failure to respond to repeated notices.

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Ch K A Nye Sep 10, 2023 10:35am
Am excellent and much overdue initiave. There is no way that this could be done by the politicos who would be at the top of the list.
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KU Sep 10, 2023 11:56am
.......and the drive with notices will land in the homes and businesses of people who are already listed as taxpayers with NTN numbers, but despite this anomaly, FBR will show their performance as a blue-eyed kid on the block.
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WarrenDesiBuffet Sep 10, 2023 03:29pm
Publish this list! Tell us what you have recovered. Else it is just a PR exercise as usual, and chance for FBR staff to line their already deep pockets.
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Mohammad Sep 10, 2023 04:04pm
Only 200 rich people why not 2million rich People. All police officer everyone own house 400 yds or above , all of them own 30 lac or above value car KDA, CDA, LDA officials and their subordinates etc etc.
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PTI worker Sep 10, 2023 04:46pm
A person who lives in 300 kanal house in bani gala and multiple other homes in numerous cities pays tax next to nothing plz FBR collect from Niazi too. Thanks
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Amjad Sep 10, 2023 04:56pm
Don’t forget we have a very “honest “ judiciary.and they wl soon issued stay orders to these rich peoples
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Johnny Walker Sep 10, 2023 06:14pm
FBR officials should be charged/hanged if they had this list of defaulters/non tax payers and were merrily sitting on it till the boots kicked them into action.
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KU Sep 10, 2023 08:44pm
@Johnny Walker, I second the motion by the honorable Mr. Walker.
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Zarwa Sep 10, 2023 08:51pm
@PTI worker , there is no tax on wealth. Only on income. Banigala stands cleared as the payments were brought in through legal channel. As per PMLN. Mr. Aleem Khan and Mr. Tareen were bearing the expenses. Hope both of them are taxed to the eyeballs. However, Raiwind mahal and Avenfield still go unaccounted for where money was sent abroad.
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Zarwa Sep 10, 2023 08:53pm
Just another source of money making for FBR guys. Stricter policies only result in an increase in corruption.
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maqbool Sep 10, 2023 09:39pm
@Zarwa, yes as usual
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Ahmed Khan Sep 11, 2023 01:45am
The FBR, Police, the gun wielding guys, the people in charge of imparting Justice they are the biggest tax evaders, crooks, extortionists. They don't have the moral authority to initiate a tax drive. They know that very well. Stop taking bhatta, rishwat. Everyone knows who was behind Bhariya town project, who is behind sugar factories. The poor are too poor to pay taxes. The middle class is already planning to leave the country. Go to DHA Karachi, half the homes are empty or have old parents living in them, the inhabitants live abroad. Who will you extort wealth from? Afghan war is over, the money flowing from US has stopped. Afghans are now not willing to give their goods for dirt cheap. The economy will keep going down till you bring back educated/civilized people on the seat of the govt. Selling worthless plots wont solve the issue now.
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Allah Nawaz Yousfani Sep 11, 2023 05:46am
Every shop owner commodity to vegetable,meat seller, cart owner be made responsible to pay minimum Rs.1,000/= P.M or 12,000 per anum. Rest controll leakages and obliging culture at the cast of willing Tax payers. Offer some additional benefits as to encourage them during travel, submission of utility bills , air /Railway tickets purchase etc..
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Usman Sep 11, 2023 07:51am
@Zarwa, such a aad day that you support a corrupt imran khan over pkaistan.we all know his assets has increased and he was involved in tosha khana and siphoned more than 62 billion.its okay if you prefer to be a youthia but a youthia wont exist with out pakistan first please than you can be the strongest youthia you want to be.
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Arsalan taj rais Sep 11, 2023 01:12pm
first recover the looted money from pdm,they bribed tv channels anchors to spread fake news about pti and imran khan , pdm spent tax money of poor people on these rascals of media , billions of billions they spent on these rascals
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