Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Sirajul Haq said on Sunday that his party would stage a sit-in outside the governor’s houses for relief in electricity bills, Aaj News reported.

“The government wants Rs90 per unit of electricity,” he said during a press conference in Lahore’s Mansoora area.

“The protest against wrong decisions of the government will continue while we it has been decided that a white paper will be presented to expose mafia.”

Pakistan was partially shut on Saturday on the call of various trade bodies and the JI to protest against the high electricity bills and hike in petrol and gas prices, which have already affected the people grappling with back-breaking inflation.

He thanked traders, transporters, lawyers, ulema, and the people for participating in the protest.

Siraj believed that his party did not accept the agreements signed by the previous governments, referring to the deal signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for loans.

He alleged that the corrupt elites 100 per cent benefitted from the deal, and the poor were bearing the brunt.

Siraj added that the agreements had taken a heavy toll on the people and that the party would seek details of all agreements under the Right of Access to Information Act.

The JI chief warned that the party would present its next plan of action if the government did not review its decisions.

“It will be a favour from the caretaker government that it holds elections soon and gives power in the hands of elected representatives,” he said.


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