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LAHORE: Terming the news about the food tenders of the Governor’s House as baseless and contrary to the facts, a spokesman of the Governor House said that the Punjab Governor himself bears the food expenses of himself, his family members and personal guests and these expenses are paid by the cheque.

The Governor has voluntarily decided not to avail the privileges entitled to him, the spokesman said, adding: “The expenses mentioned in the tenders of the Governor’s House are not for the Governor himself, rather, it is spent on tea and refreshments for guests at public events which are held at Governor House, and on the refreshments of domestic and foreign delegates, ambassadors and meetings. Apart from this, many dignitaries of the state, including the President of Pakistan, provincial governors who stay along with their staff in the secure environment of the Governor’s House. Their food and hospitality is also the responsibility of Governor House. All these expenses are always made under the supervision of Military Secretary and responsible officers. However, this time, tenders were issued in accordance with the PPRA Rules to promote transparency in the Governor’s House.”

It should be remembered that the Governor of Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman also gives his full salary in the government and public welfare funds, the spokesman added.

Moreover, the governor paid tribute to the great sacrifice of Major Amir Aziz and Sepoy Muhammad Arif who were martyred in the operation against terrorists in Miran Shah and said that the nation values the determination of the security forces to end terrorism and eternal sacrifices rendered in the war against terrorism.

He said that the sacrifices of the martyrs who embraced martyrdom for the defence of the country and nation are unforgettable.

He said that the sacrifices of the martyrs in the war against terrorism will not go in vain.

The governor extended his condolences to the families of the martyrs and prayed that may Almighty grant the martyrs a place in His mercy and give the bereaved the courage to endure this loss with patience and steadfastness.

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