ISLAMABAD: Sugar price with Rs6,700 per bag in the wholesale market has reached the all time high mark in the country which in retail is being sold at Rs140 per kg in urban areas and Rs150 per kg in rural areas, revealed a survey carried out by Business Recorder here on Saturday.

However, the survey observed a mixed trend in the prices of other kitchen items during the week under review.

Sugar price went up from Rs6,500 to Rs6,700 per 50kg in the wholesale market which in retail is being sold in the range of Rs140-150 per kg against at Rs135 per kg. Sugar price within the past four months has witnessed an increase of Rs2,200 per 50kg bag in the wholesale market and Rs40-50 in the retail market

Chicken price went down from Rs16,000 to Rs15,500 per 40kg in the wholesale market, which in retail is being sold at Rs415 per kg against Rs435 per kg, while chicken meat is being sold at Rs675 per kg against Rs700 per kg, egg price went up from Rs6,000 per carton to Rs6,300, while in retail, eggs are being sold at Rs255 per dozen against Rs245 per dozen.

Wheat flour price witnessed an increase as best quality wheat flour price went up from Rs2,120 per 15kg bag to Rs2,150, which in retail is being sold at Rs2,180 against Rs2,150 per 15kg, normal quality wheat flour bag price went up from Rs2,100 per 15kg bag to Rs2,120 in the wholesale market, which in retail is being sold at Rs2,150 per bag against Rs2,130.

Tea prices remained stable as Lipton Yellow Label is available at Rs2,050 per 900 gram pack and Islamabad tea is available at Rs1,650, powder chilli price went down from Rs800 per kg to Rs600 per kg, and turmeric powder price is stable at Rs500 per kg.

Officially, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has announced a reduction in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from Rs205 per kg to Rs177 per kg but the distributors and retailers have yet not implemented the decision and are selling the commodity in the range of Rs210-240 per kg against the OGRA’s set price.

No changes were observed in spices prices as normal size spice pack is available at Rs100 per pack, prepared tea cup price at a normal tea stall is available at Rs70 per cup, the price of a cooked daal plate at a normal hotel is Rs250, cooked vegetable plate at Rs250, and roti price remained stable at Rs20 per roti.

Rice prices remained stable as best quality basmati rice is available at Rs13,000 per 40kg bag, while the retailers are selling at Rs350 per kg, normal quality Basmati price is available at Rs10,500 per 40kg bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs300 per kg, and Broken Basmati rice is available at Rs8,500 per 40kg bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs230 per kg.

Ghee-cooking oil prices remained stable as B-Grade ghee-cooking oil is available at Rs5,500 per carton in the wholesale market which in retail is being sold in the range of Rs365-380. While best quality cooking oil-ghee brands such as Dalda ghee prices witnessed no changes which is available at Rs2,700 per 5kg pack and cooking oil at Rs2,800 per 5 litre bottle, however, it is observed that retailers in different parts of the cities are free to charge their own as there is no check by the price monitoring committees.

Pulses prices remained stable as best quality maash is available at Rs440 per kg, gram pulse is being sold at Rs210 per kg, whole gram pulse is being sold at Rs380 per kg, bean lentil in the range of Rs250-380, moong at Rs260 per kg, and masoor at Rs240 per kg.

Packed milk prices remained unchanged as small Milk Pak and other brands are available at Rs70 per pack, while one litre pack is available at Rs250. Fresh milk price went up from Rs190 per kg to Rs200 per kg and yoghurt prices went up from Rs200 per kg to Rs220 per kg.

Detergents prices witnessed no changes, but the producers have reduced the size of the packaging significantly and are charging same prices. Bathing soap such as Safeguard, Lux, and Dettol prices witnessed an increase as within past one month normal size bathing soap price went up from Rs110 to Rs135 per pack and family pack price went up from Rs145 to Rs165 per pack.

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