LAHORE: Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore has stressed the need for rigorous crackdowns against drug peddlers and criminals.

He said that peaceful environment and protection of life and property of people are crucial responsibilities of the police.

While chairing a meeting to review five months’ performance of the Investigation Wing related to under-investigation cases, pending road certificates, and the arrest of the silent accused.

The meeting was attended by DIG (Investigations) Kamran Adil, SSP (Internal Accountability) Imran Kishwar, SSP (Investigations) Anoosh Masood Chaudhry, Divisional SPs (Investigations), and SDPOs.

The CCPO strongly reprimanded the SDPOs of the Raiwind, Sabzazar, and Barki divisions over their poor performance and warned them to improve their performance.

He emphasized that SDPOs who consistently exhibit poor performance would be held responsible for their actions, stressing that any form of disinterest, negligence, or laxity in official duties would not be tolerated. It was made clear that officers with a history of bad performance would be held accountable, and their incompetence would be reflected in their annual performance reports. Additionally, he announced that a daily performance review of all SDPOs would be conducted, and the annual reports of officers with unsatisfactory performance would reflect their incompetence.

The CCPO ordered that all pending investigation cases be resolved on merit within one week. Similarly, the completion of challan, eradicating road pendency, and improvement in recovery should not be delayed.

He emphasized that cases involving nominated suspects pending for more than a month or cases related to unidentified suspects should not linger on for more than three months.

He further stated that special teams should be formed to arrest hardened criminals, absconders’ suspects, and proclaimed offenders. Furthermore, silent suspects should be declared as absconders and properly documented within the police system.

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