Imran says 'ready to talk to everyone' for Pakistan's betterment

  • Former prime minister says ready to forgive those who tried to assassinate him
Published March 4, 2023

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday that he was "ready to talk to everyone" for Pakistan's betterment, Aaj News reported.

Addressing supporters via a video link from Lahore, Imran said he was ready to forgive those who tried to assassinate him.

"Even if something happens to me now I know that my party will take the country towards real independence," he remarked.

The remarkers come a day after Imran said that he was ready to hold talks with the army chief for the betterment of the country.

While talking to media persons on Friday, the former prime minister said if no one was willing to talk then what could I do? “It seems that the army chief was considering me as his enemy,” he added.

He continued that he has no quarrel with the establishment; “however, if someone thinks I would kneel down before them, this would not happen.

Our establishment does not have an understanding of politics,” he added.

Khan suggested holding general elections across the country simultaneously for saving resources. He was confident of winning the upcoming elections despite the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) having the support of the ‘umpires’, adding that the overseas Pakistanis were with his party.

In his address today, Imran said that he will hold a public rally next week. He went on to say that "those who won't get tickets will get accommodated in Local body elections."

PTI chief said that Pakistan needs to introduce revolutionary changes in governance to stabilize its economy.

"Investor looks for certainty and that can come through elections with a stable government," Imran remarked.

Criticizing the current government, he said I know these people for 30 years, adding they cannot stabilize Pakistan's economy.

Talking about the PTI's Jail Bhero Tehreek, Imran said the party's workers were treated like prisoners.

"I Want to pay tribute to the leadership of PTI who gave arrests in jail Bhero Tehreek," he said.

Imran claimed that no enemy can do what this govt has done to Pakistan.

He said that the current government has become more scared due to recent by-poll results.


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Tulukan Mairandi Mar 04, 2023 11:16pm
He can start by talking to himself and farah khan
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Yousaf Hyat Mar 05, 2023 02:42am
Please remember that your devaluation of currency at Asad Omars behest caused the spiral meltdown. Shah is a spoilt rich kid with zero scruples ineffective as a diplomat totally , Fawad is a lota of huge proportions along with Sh Rasheed will sell you down river in a heartbeat . To bank on their loyalty after a tiny stint in jail is not too smart. Watch your back and Good luck .
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MollaJet Mar 05, 2023 01:01pm
But the Generals have been given a different script!
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