KARACHI: Dubai Port World a leading global ports and logistics giant estimated to be valued at $90 billion has appointed Pakistan’s much loved and respected public figure Fakhr Alam as its vice chairman.

According to a press release Fakhr Alam will spearhead DP World’s new investment strategy and create new synergies to fuel growth in the region.

Fakhr Alam recipient of Sitar-e-Eesaar and Sitar-e-Imtiaz(both presidential medals of high honour) is known for his dynamic personality and his ability to execute projects of various nature.

He is also known as the only Pakistani in world history to have successfully circumnavigated the globe flying a small airplane in 23 days.

As an entrepreneur he has experience in real estate, transport, media, technology, manufacturing and hospitality.

His entertainment career has been spectacular winning awards for his music, acting and television hosting. This indeed is a milestone achievements to serve as vice chairman of DP World.

Fakhr Alam has been a role model and an inspiration for many young people. A great ambassador for Pakistan and a dedicated humanitarian. His tireless humanitarian work post the 2005 earth quake of Kashmir is still recognized world over.

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Mohammad Nasir Mar 02, 2023 12:06pm
FakhreAlam, deserving young talented selection. Hope to find bright and bette way for Pakistani nation. Pray for all success. Ameen
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Masood Ali Khan Mar 02, 2023 04:45pm
May Allah pak give him strength to full fill the requirements,and help the Pakistani shipping industry with best grow. Ameen
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Shahood Ahmad Mar 02, 2023 11:47pm
Congratulations, may Allah give to you a successful and healthy life with guide.
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Sadiahameed Mar 03, 2023 12:26pm
Congratulations sir best of luck
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Saqib Mar 03, 2023 01:13pm
@Mohammad Nasir, not really young he did a show at hamdard university 22 years ago
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Naeem chaudry Mar 03, 2023 07:02pm
We are proud and delighted to read this news.And wish and pray for his tenure at DP world.
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Zubair Hameed Mar 04, 2023 02:16am
Fakhre Alam.. Fakhre Pakistan! A gem of person.
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M Arif Mar 04, 2023 10:49am
Good luck
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M Arif Mar 04, 2023 10:50am
Well done boy And good luck
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Yaqoob Mar 04, 2023 11:53am
Very nice owner able achievement
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Tajallah Mar 04, 2023 03:02pm
Masha'Allah Indeed he is a mentor Glad to see someone who tried to make Pakistan proud . Inspiration for the young
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Muzaffar Khokhar Mar 04, 2023 04:21pm
Congratulations, May ALLAH bless you with all the success you may ever wished for yourself, best of health and happy life.
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Shah G Mar 04, 2023 04:26pm
Abbay, meray ko bhi ley jaa.
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Dr. Said Khan Mar 05, 2023 07:48pm
He is a dearing personality and showed efectiveness and competancy where he performed his duties. We proud on him, wish him success and prosperity in life.
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Khursheed Alam Mar 06, 2023 03:26pm
Fakhr Alam is a remarkable person of Pakistan. His appointment as VC of DP World will bring good performance and cordial relationships between the two countries.. I wish him all success in life!
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ABDUL RAHMAN KHAN Mar 09, 2023 11:11am
Which news source confirmed that he has been appointed as Vice Chairman of DP World? There has never been a Vice Chairman position at DP World and their website doesn't mention his name at all either. I think it's time to retract the story BR. https://www.dpworld.com/about-us/leadership
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