LAHORE: Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman has given assent to 14 bills passed by the Punjab Assembly in public interest.

The assented bills include the Punjab Road Safety Authority Bill 2022, the Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill 2020, the Punjab Finance (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Punjab Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation and Management (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Punjab General Provident Investment Fund (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Punjab Irrigation, Drainage and Rivers Bill 2021, the Punjab Shops and Establishment (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Punjab Women Hostels Authority Bill 2021, the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2022, the Punjab Pension Fund (Amendment) Bill 2021, the Lahore University of Biological And Applied Sciences Bill 2022, the Punjab Home Based Workers Bill 2021, the Punjab Urban Immovable Property Tax (Amendment) Bill 2021 and the Punjab Alternate Dispute Resolution (Amendment) Bill 2023.

The Governor’s Secretariat reiterated the advice to submit the bills by adopting a proper procedure and channel to the Punjab Assembly Secretariat.

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