KAFR-DAN: Israeli forces killed a Hamas militant and another Palestinian during clashes near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Monday that were set off when the army came to demolish the homes of two slain gunmen, Palestinian sources said.

The fatalities in Kafr-Dan village were the first for Palestinians since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retook office last week at the head of a hard-right coalition. The Israeli army confirmed carrying out the raid to raze the homes of two Palestinians who killed one of its commanders in the West Bank last year before they were shot dead.

Troops shot at Palestinians in Kafr-Dan who attacked them with gunfire, rocks and firebombs, the army said in a statement. There were no Israeli casualties in the incident.

Hamas, an Islamist group that runs the Gaza Strip and has a following in the West Bank, claimed one of the dead Palestinians, who was 17 years old, as its member.

In a statement, Hamas, which rejects coexistence with Israel, vowed to “pursue resistance and confront the terrorism and fascism of the new Occupation government”.

There were no immediate word on whether the second slain Palestinian, 21, had any factional affiliations.

In Kafr-Dan, Hani Abed, the father of one of the gunmen killed in the Sept. 14 clash, described the Israeli demolitions as “collective punishment”.

“This will not break our determination,” he told Reuters as he stood by the rubble of his house.


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