ISLAMABAD: K-Electric (KE) has sought a negative adjustment of Rs 7.043/ kWh in its tariff for November 2022 to refund Rs 10.062 billion to its consumers, whereas Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guaranteed (CPPA-G) intends to pass on positive adjustment of Re0.19/kWh to Discos’ consumers for November under monthly FCA mechanism.

Both, KE and CPPA-G have submitted their requests for adjustments in their FCAs in accordance with available data. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) would hold public hearing for both KE and CPPA-G on December 27, 2022 to reach the final number. According to data submitted by CPPA-G, in November 2022, hydel generation was 2,484 GWh 29.69 per cent of total generation.

Power generation from coal-fired power plants was 975 GWh in November, 11.66 percent of total generation at price of Rs 12.8373 per unit. The price of coal generation has also reduced from Rs 20.5441 per unit in August due to import from Afghanistan.

However, the National Power Control Centre (NPCC) has not data about the used High Speed Diesel (HSD) in August.

Extra power for KE’s industrial users: Govt fails to implement its ‘support package’ decision: PALSP

Generation from RFO was only 11 GWh in November and constituted 0.13 per cent of total generation against a price of Rs 24.1835 per unit.

Electricity generation from gas-based power plants was 1,189 GWh, 14.21 per cent of total generation at a cost of Rs 10.6203 per unit.

Generation from RLNG was 1,012 GWh in November 2022, 12.09 per cent of total generation at Rs 20.2826/ kWh.

Electricity generation from nuclear sources was 2,338 GWh, 27.94 per cent of total generation. The cost of nuclear generation was Rs 1.0663 per kWh. Electricity imported from Iran was 45 GWh at Rs 21.1755/ kWh in November 2022. Nepra is approving the cost provisionally because the agreement between Pakistan and Iran has expired.

Power generation from different sources (mixed) was 7 GWh at Rs4.0474/ kWh, generation from baggasse recorded at 70 GWh, price of which has been calculated at Rs 5.9822 per unit.

The energy generated from wind was recorded at 158 GWh, 1.89 per cent of total generation in November. Generation from solar system was 79 GWh, 0.94 per cent of total generation at a price Rs 3.7882 in November 2022.

The total energy generation in November was recorded at 8,367 GWh at a basket price of Rs 5.9891/ kWh. The total cost of energy was Rs 50.111 billion in November 2022. CPPA-G has sought positive adjustment of Rs1.58 billion as previous adjustment/ supplemental.

According to the CCPA-G data, net electricity delivered to Discos in November 2022 was 8,073 GWh at a rate of Rs 6.2700/ kWh, total price of which was Rs 50.618 billion.

CPPA-G in its tariff adjustment request maintains that since the reference fuel charges for November 2022 was estimated at Rs 6.0762/ kWh whereas the actual fuel charges were Rs 6.2700 kWh per unit hence an increase of Paisa 19.38/ kWh has been sought for November 2022 under FCA mechanism.

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